Walker, wanderer, keeping on & on…

My earlier blog    jac8020.wordpress.com  started with my first camino:  the thousand or so km on the Via de la Plata, from Seville to Santiago de Compostela andI walked it in April/May/ June 2013.  That confirmed I was ready to retire, that I could survive not working.  That first blog also reported later trips:

– bike riding in Myanmar and in Siem Reap,

– walking a part of the Camino Frances (from Pamplona), a small section of the Camino Levante and, a few hundred km alongside camels through the Simpson Desert in Australia.

My new blog  valjrob.wordpress.com   starts with a trip to SW Tasmania, the island to the south of the Australian mainland.

Next:  – trips to Flinders Island, between Tasmania and Australia, and then to Spain.  Again.  I hope you enjoy reading my views of our world.Do I miss being a University Professor?  Read my blogs, this and the older one, and you decide!