School and Granada


Well I made it! Class A2. The level above beginners and my first 4 hours took me to the edge of where I ended in October. Intense ++ 

Two nice teachers.  One taught us for the first 1.75 hours in the morning and the other, the second 1.75 hours after a half hour break. Good having two different teachers in a day. I assume I’ll have these two fir at least 3 weeks, all going well.

Three students in my class today and a fourth who didn’t turn up. One of us  is 49 and a Dutch dialysis technician. Unfortunately she is here for just 1 week. The other is 28, an American plastic surgeon. He is studying here for another 3 weeks.

Oh I have so much to learn. Just this one morning we had 3 past tenses thrown at us. All ones I’ve met before. But my Spanish memory cells collapsed a while ago, so it’s not totally revision. 😙

Ambience in Granada 

8pm and I’ve just returned from the 7pm cultural class. Very good practice as the teacher talks on a topic of interest to them for 50′. They speak at a normal speed so it’s good to be there even if I often understand only about 60%. Sometimes I do better. 

Walking back from school to my apartment was delightful. People ambling in very large numbers, young and old. Weather was warm and clear. 26C at 8pm! True. And I have 4 more weeks here during which it will only get better, warmer and more daylight hours.


… is having a kettle!  Yes. No longer reliant on hot places and saucepans without lids. Oh joy. And second use it remembered to turn off. So, happiness. Added to by new knives:  sharp and bandaid #1 comes off in 3 day’s  time! 


Oh and seeing a Kiwi ‘native’ outside a shop near home: recognise it?


One thought on “School and Granada

  1. Surely the kettle should have come with a free set of steak knives. Ah hum – sheep jokes! Since it is a rainbow sheep it must be in the Pakuranga electorate, the home of all progressive Kiwis.


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