One Sunday in Granada and some more


Nothing dull about Sunday in Granada. A large motorbike rally passed along the major street i can see from one of my six little balconies (see the photos). The street itself celebrates the catholic royals (including the exceptionally important Spanish queen, Isabella). Hundreds of bikes of all sizes, many revving heavily and seemingly all riders had their fingers on their horns. Loud, yes. Many scooters also participated in the parade. So did some Harleys and two large tri-cycles. Led by police and obviously authorised and with some riders carrying a flag I assume the riders were all members of a particular club.


 An exciting activity, for the younger members of the community, is a merry go round that is pedalled by someone. True. Only for the under 3s and it was cute and as popular as any I’ve seen.  A couple of cute little kids are just visible. 


Behind the Cathedral was a guy doing the most wonderful dance routine. He danced as though someone had asked him to represent male pride. His shoes had higher heels than men’s usually do and tap buttons on the toe, and underneath on the front and back. And wow. Like a stylised bull as he thrust himself forward, tapped, whirled. He was brilliant. The crowd was large and the guitarist excellent. Shot does not in any way show how wonderful he looked and how well he moved. Wow.


More generally

Cheese cake from a nearby shop tasted as good as it looked:


Hats:  The Spanish, as a rule, don’t hear wear hats when walking around town town. Neither do most tourists. In the interests of not looking like a tourist I’ve capitulated and not worn one either. Dumb idea. I feel naked without one when walking or sitting in the sun. Besides, I look like a tourist anyhow. I asked someone how they knew, didn’t get a good answer but figured it was probably my ‘urban adventure’ style of dressing. Perhaps not just that as I asked M and she also said I looked like a tourist and it was more that I looked Northern European. 

Since I will always look (and sound) like a tourist I’m wearing my broad brimmed Aussie looking (actually American) cotton hat in future.  Hmmm. So!

Weather:   Very pleasant. Cool outside early, at 7am when I open a window. 7 or 8C according to the weather app. As the day wears on most get up to low to mid 20s. Today should be fine again. In other words, ideal at present. Rain is expected mid week. The weather forecasts seem very changeable as the day on which it will rain has kept changing as the time gets closer.

Snow is still visible on the Sierra Nevada. Very difficult to get a shot without including urban obstacles including houses and signs. The mountains are magnificent. Towering over us over here in a nearby valley with its own hills.


Footpaths:  In Granada, as in Madrid, the footpath etiquette is ‘dog eats dog’. Do not give way, walk four abreast if you like, or two but do not concede. I thought it was just me but M said she’d noticed the same. At times it feels as though other pedestrians veer towards you. Conceding is not practical. You weave across streets anyhow by virtue of the number of people on many.

El Corté Inglés:  I keep mentioning it as it is a very big store in major cities here. I used to think they were a little overrated. Not so. I recant.  I love them. Always liked the various bits in Madrid and it’s no different here in Granada.

Classes week 2

Wish me luck tomorrow. Above all, hope with me that a third person joins us in A2.3 or else the time will be cut from 4 to 2 hours. And, it’s my first extra class tomorrow, with Laura. 

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