A full day in Salamanca 

Monday 25/5/15

Yesterday’s date must have been the 24/3/15. That or my watch became confused and disoriented as we looked at working replicas of clocks from the Middle Ages in a shop opposite the Salamanca Cathedral today. The mechanisms appear to be wooden and they have just the hour hand and a strange little weight on a string that systematically wraps around the left column twice and then the right before continuing the process. Indefinitely if all goes well.

A busy day so far. From a very nice breakfast just near here to climbing the bell tower of the Cathedral and to walking around more of the city. 

Breakfast:     I’d looked forward to breakfast just around the corner again. He was still shut at 8.30 but a cute, old fashioned bar on the other side of the street was open. The woman running it looked similar to the inside of the bar.

The coffee and the food were good. She understood my request for a very weak coffee for Jane. 5 points for a start! After Jane had eaten the bar owner came over and asked if she’d liked her bocadillo with chorizo (roll with chorizo). Then she told us the chorizo was home made and her pride was very evident. I’m sorry we are just passing through as we’d both like to go back tomorrow. 

Yes, we leave here on the 2am Tuesday bus. Yes, Muriel, 2 in the morning. So we will breakfast in Vérin. 


We climbed the cathedral tower. Wow. The view is great to the northern and southern (below) areas of Salamanca, ones I know as I’ve walked through them both. The old stone staircases in the tower are so narrow there are traffic lights that tell you when you can go up and when down them! 



 Did you like the selfie? Real photographers think them kitsch. 😉

Begging around the cathedral is common. This guy was not having much luck but his level of persistence suggested that he’d probably been successful in the past despite today being a bad day.

And where would Salamanca be without the men in skirts? Two of the memorable bishops ‘cast’ around the place. 


  And some odds and ends: 


I love the detail in the brickwork. 

  And a not-very-warm welcome if you try to come in through the window. 

Vérin early tomorrow!

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