Vérin to Laza

Wednesday 27/5/15
I hardly slept. Excitement about starting walking today? Or a lack of coffee yesterday? Who knows. 

Jane was a little nervous about today when she realised we were not on the ‘proper’ route. Hmm. I thought I’d convinced her that, despite my limited navigational skills, I had the technology to get us from A to B. Or Vérin to Laza at least. Seems not. Perhaps it’s my track record on my first walk through the full length of this camino she remembers. But I didn’t have the Gaia GPS app then!

We got to Laza with no problems. Our route was flat, along river flats. From a lovely track near the river we ended up 13 km later on a sealed road, dodging cars. Well, the cars were fine. It was only when a tractor was in front and they felt obliged to pass it, crossing around whatever. Then it was a little close but this didn’t happen often. 

So, riverside and general bucolic splendour. Jane picked up the poor, and very dead, shrew we found on the road. 
  It was very small, as you can see. And we found another one squashed on the road later too. 
She also found the dead snake, in two pieces on the road, and the two live ones on the edge of the road. I saw their movement of the grasses but not them. As an ex-kiwi she is hyper-sensitised to their presence. Except for once, and that was years ago……
The flowers along the roadsides are beautiful at present. Poppies and many little blue, pink, white and yellow flowers as well. And then there are the roses. Houses have climbing roses, standard roses – many roses out the front. Some smell wonderful, some look beautiful and some are just gorgeous anyhow. Red, pink, white and all shades in between.
  We saw two double sided roadside crosses: one side Jesus, and the other presumably Mary. She really wasn’t looking her best in this instance.

 And, 18km later, we walked into Laza. Our first port of call was the local police to register and pay and then to the albergue to get a bed. We are in the ‘yellow’ room, one of about 5, each with 4 bunks (8×5 people altogether). We are both on bottom bunks, near the door. 
Once we had a bed each, off to lunch. It was only about 1.30 to 2.00 and so it was in full swing at a local cafe. This is one I’d liked on my first visit to Laza, two years ago. A 3 course meal for €9 each. Mixed salad followed by steak and chips for me and grilled chicken for Jane. And then flan and rice with milk, plus water, coffee and all in all, very nice. We have to wait now for the farmacia and the supermercado to open. Then, shower and bedtime. Somewhere a snack for dinner. Leftovers from the breakfast in the parador this morning: cheese, chorizo, and Spanish tortilla. 

Tomorrow we have a hill and some rock scrambling. The best part will be arriving and knowing we’ve finished that section. However, the weather now is great. Warm, sunny and more of the same expected over the next week. We bought sunscreen yesterday, the first time I’ve needed that on any camino. 

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