Xunqueria to Ourense

Xunqueria 30/5/15

The mad rush to be on the road started in the Xunqueria alburgue at 5.30am this morning. People started getting up, rustling and a couple shone torches around the room too.

So, we were all awake much too early in this 6 or 7 bunk room. What is so urgent? For pretty well everyone it will only be the 22 or 23 km walk into Ourense today.  I would be very surprised if anyone goes any further. 

So why leave the alburgue so early? It’s dark and the day is not expected to be too hot. Nor is rain expected by, say, 11, so it would be worth getting out quickly. See? Still dark. 

A few minutes later you can see how quickly the outside of the alburgue becomes visible, from about 6.40 on. The early ones were gone by then though!

And by 07:00, when the closest source of coffee opened its doors, it was light. Just the right time for us to arrive.
The first stretch was lovely, down tracks through the back of town in the cool morning air. The view back was great with the old town proudly sitting up on the rise.
And then, the road into Ourense. This section of the VdlP has nothing much to recommend it. Through towns, a sprawling industrial area and with not much to see. The trail is confusing in sections too, going to the right at one point and, also straight ahead. Last time that confusion caught me out but this time I was ready and used Gaia GPS.

The many km on roads and pavements was hard on our feet.
The photographer didn’t slow down despite that. See, hard at work in the last interesting stretch. But see the road, bitumen with a concrete side strip. Hard walking. Despite the snazziest shoes on the VdlP so far.

  You will be pleased to see the wild life Jane befriended. First, a cute horse insisted on coming to the fence to greet her.

  And there was the pack of 4 dogs. The two bossy ones reminded us of dogs we know. See the hair bouncing up and down with the enthusiastic jumps of the black one in particular.
 We arrived in Ourense and quickly checked into the hotel. Showered and rested before finding the nearest pastry shop and restaurant for our usual late 3 course lunch. Both places are close! 

 A very meaty second course:

  Wifi is dreadful in the room despite that being an advertised feature of the hotel. Very unhappy about that but it’s ok if we sit at reception. 😁

Very bad review coming up for the Gran Hotel Ourense San Martin on booking.com 😏 Lovely staff but wifi is not as advertised
Jane is exhausted. I’m looking forward to a bath. It’s already nearly 10pm and still broad daylight outside. The old area, just near us, is full of locals walking, sitting eating ice creams or drinking. Kids, adults young and old. 

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