Ourense, two nights with a day off


We stayed in a central hotel in Ourense and so spent our brief time, two nights, in and out of the adjacent old town. This section is impressive with a couple of cathedrals, one is particularly impressive.



 A photographer’s work is never done!   Jane has been getting rather nervous about the upcoming walk up the Ourense hill on Monday. I’d warned her it was steep but I must have overdone it. This focus on THE hill was not helped by the continuing pain in her tendo-achilles, exacerbated by hills.

So, not much walking on Sunday. Just an update for me as I passed through Ourense two years ago. 

I like some of the street statues. One appears to be a milk seller

And another sells chestnuts.

I wish I could remember which character flies on the back of a bird. The little prince? I don’t know but I liked the statue, way up on a high pedestal. 


And I always love the bloodthirsty version of Santiago, the Moore slayer, when he’s shown killing from the back of a horse. I love the contrast:  the brutal, bloodthirsty man and the saint!

And then there are the stone images of old men. One possibly a peregrino but I don’t know. Perhaps both are bishops. 

 Nothing beats old Roman built bridges. I know I photographed the new one downstream from this one two years ago. At that stage I was walking across after a night in Ourense.  

Among the peregrinos, Spanish I think, are those probably planning their first day. Many people start in Oursense. It’s the closest point to Santiago you can start if you want a Compostela, formal recognition, at the end. I still want to know how much having three might advantage me as I wait for St Peter to allocate our last bunks in the afterlife.

And the locals at an activity day, possibly promoted by the no-smoking lobby as it was no-smoking day yesterday. No, this was the only evidence of it being a non-smoking day and I’ll bet many finished the class and had a fag. Many many spaniards still smoke! 

Coming up: Ourense to Cea. A short 22 or 23 km with a prebooked room at the end. Happily for us. 

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