Cea to Castro Dozon to Silleda – two days in one

2/6/15 Cea to Castro Dozon
Our place last night, Casa Mañosa in Cea, was so nice. Finding it was hard but, when we did, we had a wonderful place. Except for the motor mouth upstairs, and you have to feel sorry for his female partner who barely got a sound in, the place was quiet. Wonderfully so. Hard to leave at 0700 this morning.

We decide to pass on Osiera. I’d not gone that way before and nothing suggested visiting the monastery there is worth it. So, we headed up the west route, one for which I didn’t have the GPS coordinates. 

Once on the right road it was easy and we found it was well marked. The usual wonderful and quaint path tracks through stone villages where time stood still many decades ago. And the flowers, including the roses, are beautiful at this time. 

     I loved the unsolicited memories of my previous walk through here, with Christian only at this stage. He and I took a path too far west at the end of a 34+km day for us to get to Castro Dozon. That was so unlike the experience of Jane and I for whom it only 14km, from Cea, for our day.

I was pleased Jane and I opted for Castro Dozon as I ran out of energy. I don’t know how energy provision works but some days you can have it in abundance and other days, none. Why? No idea. Yesterday was a no-energy day for me. 
3/6/15 Castro Dozon to Silleda

This was a very significant day for us: our longest walk on this trip (26 or 27km) and Jane’s longest walk in a day ever. Not bad for a nearly-50 year old! 

We started at our earliest time yet, 0640. We were amongst the first to leave but not the first up. We were organised and got away easily, out into a foggy morning, still 30-60 minutes before full light. This was despite Jane having an extended allergy attack during the night and hence a very disrupted sleep. 

  Jane didn’t want to leave too early but there was less fog than I remembered on my last walk out from Castro Dozon so I wasn’t concerned. I did, however, very much appreciate the Gaia GPS app and VdlP map yet again. The markings are not the best at the start so it’s help was needed a couple of times.

Then, walking, walking….. This part of the VdlP is where Christian and I joined with Ann so it brought back very happy memories for me. However we found a cafe where I’ll swear there wasn’t one last time. A blessed find with coffee for me, hot milk for her and toast for us both.😊. This stop improved the walk for me incredibly. Hmmm. Coffee. The toast and tomato was a little disappointing as salt was added prior to me getting it. Ugh. Best tomatoes but with salt? 

I even recognised the bar Christian, Ann and I tried to get to open to give us coffee and the one shortly after where we eventually got drinks. And tortilla espanola. No such luck this year, just the drinks. 

See. Still closed! Thankfully this time I knew the other was nearby.

 We still had about 8km to go after our last brief stop. Jane thinks I said ‘just 2km to go’ every km or so for the next 8km as we slowly wended our way up and down hills, through small tracks, over roads cobbled seemingly centuries ago and along roadsides.

Then, the lovely Roman bridge. Well, I love it. Jane was not as impressed but she obliged by participating in the classic shot

and then taking a different version herself.

Some different bits from along the way today

 the most spectacular poppies and the most unusual garden ornament:

  True! That really is in a front yard of a house we passed today.

  I don’t remember the point of the above photo. Perhaps it was that she was looking sceptical about the distance remaining! 

Well, we arrived in Silleda, at the alburgue here, about 1340. Seven hours after we left. Two cafes later, 50 photo stops and we were happy to arrive. Not only has the place we booked turned out to be the same as I was in previously but the room is the same 3 bedded room that I then shared with Ann and Christian! And Sergio, the young Spanish guy we rescued on the way out of Ourense, arrived a while later. He started 10 minutes after us this morning and arrived considerably later. Still, he got here.

So, for us, lunch, wifi, supermercado, a great chat with German Ann and it’s already 7:29pm. Enough! 

One thought on “Cea to Castro Dozon to Silleda – two days in one

  1. You’re going so well! Roses and stone buildings beautiful! Love the pink poppy. Don’t think I knew they came in pink. 🙂


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