Oaxaca on a quiet Sunday 

Yup! I failed plumbing 101 for Mexico. I had wondered at the bin beside the toilet but thought it was for general bathroom waste. No. I should have been depositing toilet paper in it daily 😐. Had I read the full information sheet I’d have known. Maria Antonio told me today! I’m suitably chastened. 

On my very first day I left the info sheet on my desk ‘to read’. Six layers of other sheets of papers later I’d forgotten about it. Yes. So. I promise to read it later today. What else should I be doing that I don’t know about.


Big day out today. Why not! La Red restaurant is a fish restaurant and very positively reviewed on a travel site. What could go wrong! And nothing did.

It is near my place and opposite the veg market I had to visit anyhow. Arrived at La Red 2 minutes early. Bought tomatoes, quesillo and the local fresh cheese at the market over the road and headed back.

La Red is very patriotically decorated. So are its staff. Not sure if it’s just for this week or if it’s usual. Red and green everywhere

  A bonus in the restaurant: the large cockroach on the floor beside my feet was dead when I arrived. Better than seeing it climbing down from the table.

First course: small prawns in a wonderful tomato, onion and cilantro mix. Two types of sauce to add if required. Surprisingly (to me), I chose the more picante. Countered the sweetness of the salsa. Very nice.

 Menu options include pulpo done every which way. The last time I had pulpo, octopus, was in Spain earlier this year and I vowed never again. The way they cook it in Galicia leaves me…. well, yes. Makes me dry reach. Gross. Bulky soft rubbery ugh!  

My main course was mixed fish. It was a very large serve and a very mixed plate: prawns; pulpo; grilled fish; wonderful mashed potato; rice; grilled carrot, capsicum and onions; broccoli and beetroot. Even bits of bacon. Yes, mixed. And very nice. Altogether, with a pepsi light it cost $m234. With tip: $U15.63. Given the drop in the $A I can’t bear to calculate that.

The pulpo? Better here as not such large diameter bits as in Spain, but I still managed to eat only a bit. Ugh. Greeks cook it better as far as I’m concerned, smalle bits grilled rapidly and served with lemon. Or, the other way, a type of cerviche. 

Heart attack

I wonder some times if I’ll live long enough to use my return ticket. The intermittent explosions will probably get me before then.

For example, I was walking quietly along the street at lunchtime Sunday. Everywhere was quiet. Everything as well. And then. Someone let off a very loud firework. Gets me everytime. How many heart beats can you miss and live? Or, will it prolong my life if I have a fixed quota and those missed are just added on. Or are intermittent shots of autologous adrenaline perhaps good for geriatrics? 


Our relationship has become fraught. I forgot to bring its charging lead, as I’ve said previously. I took it with me for a walk today as its battery still has a little juice left. Just a little. But, it’s data card was in the downloading gadget so it may as well have stayed home. 

Seems the camera and I aren’t going to last much longer. It will blame me. Justifiably. I threw it, and me, onto a concrete floor in Granada and both it and my shoulder refused to do their respective duties for a while; I forgot the data card when I went to Tasmania and, this time, I brought the wrong charging lead and can’t find a replacement here. So, what to do? Will it give up on me before I give up on it or succumb to the increasing pressure to buy a new type of camera? Or should I just buy a new iPhone & forget cameras altogether. 😊

Still on the iPhone: it’s reliable and always with me. Yes, it has limitations. No tele or macro lenses or the level of adjustability of my camera but…

The colours here really are beautiful. Yes, the paint is often peeling but, the colours..





Watching TV last night I understood a few more of the words. YES! Hard work and I need to keep watching but it’s a breakthrough. Yes! As the Spanish speakers say ‘poco a poco’. Little by little.  

Without pictures it’s harder. Yes. 😏

And thinking of pictures: this blog has been loading now for over 5 hours, TV is not working and the thunderstorm overhead is amazing. Noisiest since I’ve been here. So, no pictures tonight. Instead, a stationary TV and a long suffering blogger. 

Posting this is turning into a nightmare, over 6 hours after the upload started. Became clear 2 photos were a problem. I deleted them. The rest seem fine but I can’t post it as the uploading is never ending. Yes, it has the night to get it right but……. I suspect I’ll be deleting all photos. 

End point

I had to redo it all. No idea why it was still loading 12 hours later! And I’m still to check the TV! 

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