Oaxaca, Mexico: intercambio and more

Remember how my second intercambio (interchange of language), with Luvia, on Tuesday was a flop as she didn’t turn up?

Well, on Thursday evening Marco brought Luvia to the cafe. She and I had waited at different Brujula cafes on Tuesday, me at the one near the Zocalo and her at the one near a large church. (I’d call it a cathedral but here it’s a templo as its not the main one.)

How did it go? I failed. Her english is sooo much better than my Spanish and I didn’t think she’d have the patience to listen to my excruciating babble. So I squibbed it and we spoke english for most of the time. Interesting for me find out more about Mexico but of no help with my Spanish. 

Will we meet again? We’ve swapped numbers but I can’t see it being a regular event. 

Yes, I babbled like I sometimes do when I’m out of my depth or uncomfortable! Sigh!

So now I’m well up the street, filling in time until my massage appointment at 6.30pm. It’s been a busy day: quick review of Spanish for breakfast, school until 1.00, lunch, gym, swim, rest, meet Luvia, and now to fix my shoulder. 


If you come to Oaxaca, visit Esther. She has exceptionally good hands. Very. I’ve had massages in a few countries, including Thailand, Laos and Australia and she is one of the best. Without doubt. She’s taking a week off but I’m haunting her clinic again as soon as I can. ☺️


Tonight I’m watching an episode of Outlander. My tv is stuffed. I have the keys so I can watch tv in another apartment but it’s time for a feast of english for me.

Riot gear

Yes, the many types of police present over this past week did have riot gear, a as well as enough munitions to create havoc. Saw some casually left against a wall. Bet they have sets in the many large, closed, white tents on the corners in the Centro too. 

Getting daily coffee

The coffee seller just near the school sells two types:  a Mexican variety (read coffee, sugar & spice, mainly cinnamon) and instant coffee. While it doesn’t compare to Spanish cafe con leche the local variety is very nice.

  To avoid sugar, I often buy a cafe latte instead, at the Lobo Azul (Blue Wolf). They know my order well enough now that I can go in, use their loo and come out to a readymade takeaway. 😊 I love the colour of the place, it’s logo and the cactus. 

When you look at a receipt for coffee here the price looks horrendous, like something from Heathrow or the Sydney airport! 

Divide by 16 for USD$ and it is considerably more palatable! And tastes better. 

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