Oaxaca, Mexico:  some lunches

La Olla
Thought I’d have lunch Friday and Saturday at La Olla restaurant. It’s only a few corners away.

Set menu averts the risk of some unknowns on the menu in a restaurant focussed on local cuisine.

First course, salad. Nice green salad with pine nuts, a few small roasted bits and tiny tomatoes. 

  Look more closely! Yes. A lot of the taste, very nice, was due to the chapulines, this time a small type of roasted grasshopper.


One of the best fish-tomato based soups I’ve ever had.

Followed by a wonderful fish main. Fish on roasted slices of banana, avocado and more tastes.

And then a desert, a frozen ice fruit flavour. 


I had to send the coffee back. So strong. More milk and it was ok.

Since I’d enjoyed this lunch, I went on Saturday as well.

Started with soup, a strongly tomato flavoured soup, a meat stock, and cubed vegetables in it. Onions, cilantro on the side to add along with sections of limes to squeeze in. Nice.

Main course was barbacue. Hmmm, chunks of lamb. Two dark tortillas (beautiful), onion, red and green sauces, cilantro and more bits of lime to squeeze. 

Liked the tortillas, especially with the picante green sauce, lime and onions. The meat? Not really. I didn’t recognise the type (lamb) or cut or taste. With the addition of the greenish sauce, beside it, it was tolerable. 

Desert was fruit based flummery. Very nice. 

And I sent the coffee back again. Second time around it was good. Again. 

Food here

I like fruit and vegetables here from a market. 

Tortillas? So many types and different colours: light, yellowish and a near black option. Thick, thin, large or thin and dried. Nicer than the bread. Sweet types of bread are de rigeur here. Unsweetened, unusual.

And of course, mole. Nice. 

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