Toledo to Torrijos: ‘lost’ post

Day in Toledo
A day for the indolent. Short walks to get breakfast, buy oranges and bread and cheese along with four almond covered marzipans from St T’s, coffees, and sun bathing, hoping it  facilitates adaption to the time zone and rest. 

Toledo is amazing.  New stuff, old stuff, very old stuff all together yet with a carefully , and effectively, preserved image as if time almost stood still hundreds of years ago. 

Final re-pack. Know the start of my route out of this area for the morning. Hope to leave 7ish after a good sleep. Leave keys in the apartment and text my AirBNB host, Carlos, as I go.

Toledo to Torrijos

Oh I am knackered. Exhausted. Worn out. Reluctant to be anywhere but supine on bed as the sun streams in. Could barely manage standing for the 20′ it took to checkin, despite my having earlier done a reservation. More than barking, my dogs were howling, sit, lie, stop weight bearing. They are happy now, showered and lying down watching others work hard in a mountain bike competition on tv.  

The distance today was listed as 33.8km. Somewhere else it was higher but this sounded ok. My Fitbit says I walked 36.48 and my iPhone health app, 32.91. If asked I’d say about 40! I was slow, with my 3 or 4 short breaks it took me from 07.15 to 16.15. A total of 9 hours for a track with few hills, a mix of road and gravel paths. That is so slow for me. Partly it’s cos I got lost swapping roads out of Toledo and taking care when sharing the road with many gravel trucks and earlier, mum’s taxis presumably off to school.

Despite the forgoing, all in all today was actually very good. This is thanks to the track being relatively flat;   


to the woman who ran out of her house to shout that I should turn right, not go ahead as I was doing, not having seen the subtlely placed yellow arrow. 

And then there was the lovely man in the second bar who not only did make me a very large coffee but then, unasked, brought out a piece of tiramisu that was also large, and absolutely wonderful. This happened 3.6 km before the end. A blessed sugar bolus that really helped.

And leaving via one of the gates in early morning light was special. So was looking back at old Toledo. 


 When asked to record these spectacular sights my Lumix camera died. Nothing. Black screen. Later it revived and really just proved its absolute unreliability, again. I’m thinking of ditching it as this same problem with loading software, and then with focussing, happened earlier. And yes, I charged and tested it at home before I left. No problems then but today I think I gave up on it. Have to find the right place to leave it as it’s a vindictive sort of device and just as likely to find a way to follow me home. True!
In one area numerous hairy caterpillars took road safety to another level, crossing, holding on to each other. I omitted to mention to them the heaps of dead peers who had earlier met their fates only metres away!

And impermanence was also evident in the distant castle on the hill overseeing its domain. Well, sometime domain. More castles to come in the following days. 

Don’t expect to find many other peregrinos on this Camino. I can hope as obviously others walk this way but I don’t know how often. 

2 thoughts on “Toledo to Torrijos: ‘lost’ post

  1. I’m pleased you lost the way a couple of times (well almost). It just wouldn’t be Toledo or a Camino if that didn’t happen. No issues I see with finding the Marzipan though šŸ˜˜


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