San Martin de Valdeiglesias

Breakfast started at 8.30am today. Not another soul was wanting to eat in the dining room at that time. Just a guy cleaning up after last night. No, he’s doing breakfast! And it was nice, the usual toast and tomato with olive oil, fresh orange juice and a coffee. Great start to any day.

Nearby church bells ringing. Must be time for mass. Palm Sunday today.
And so far, no rain. Overcast. Misty, as you can see looking back into town. Elsewhere,  a dark sky.

The track through the bush was wonderful. Rough gravel through interesting pines and, possibly, a few of the special Spanish oaks. The bellota oaks are the ones that produce the acorns eaten by the special Iberian pigs.

Met a few mountain bike riders, a group on trail bikes, two runners and another walker. Busy place. Rained a bit but quite ok.

A shepherd (goat herder) was chatting to a guy in a passing car as his charges were busy eating the bushes behind him. Well, as far away from him as they could be. No fences around most of the area here, except for small plots nearer a town.

Passed a few small plots. A small shed or shipping container. Some have a vegetable garden and others, vines or a mix. Some have one or two big fierce dogs ready to challenge any passerby.  Some look very run down and neglected. Keeps the old boys busy as many seem to do nothing but to spend the day in bars or hanging around the streets.

Nice day. Even the camera worked today. 😁 It recognises an impending termination. Clearly.
And the French toast once I was back in town – wonderful.

The guy serving today is a very big AC/DC fan. They are giving a concert in Sevilla sometime in the next few months. If I’d not had a cultural bypass I might even know what they sang! Embarrassing at times like now. Are they Australian? ?British. The guy today is also lovely. Brought me the wifi password, unasked.
Ha! Palm Sunday. Just saw a few kids with palm thingies. And some adults with them too. Very elaborate things woven into flower like shapes. Some people had bunches of rosemary. I couldn’t do one sister and not the other!little Miss Red Coat seemed to think she’d missed out. Not so now. Dad gave me permission and the kids were happy to pose.









Semana Santa is sooo big here. The big annual holiday season. Up to 10 days off, or away, fir some people.

And I haven’t figured out what the Via Pecuarias is.



Wonder if it’s to do with tomorrow’s excitement, the Toros of Guisano. More on them tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s walk is about 17km to Cerebros.  Forecast is for rain. With luck it will be intermittent.

Oh I forgot to show you the Escalona albergue. It was warm, the bed was great and the shower hot. Very different from Pierre’s experience in others with no heating or  water and only gym mats on the floor.  Quasi luxury. And a whole bunk each.

And hopefully this posts in less that the 10hours it took yesterday! Aggghhhh, many hours later and it’s still not loaded.

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