Rome: Trastevere

Living in the inner city suburb of Trastevere is great. We are very near the Plaza Trilussa, an old plaza, opposite a pedestrian bridge over the Tiber River, and in a suburb crawling with residents as well as tourists. 

The area has many restaurants and gelateries, as well as a Basilica, goat track-ordered streets, umbria and orangey coloured houses with patches in places, a market and so much more. Would I had three months in this apartment and not 10 days minus one in Venice.

The Rome Marathon on Sunday meant shut roads, including some across the river from Trastevere. This part of the route had one of the two hills, with a height of about 10 metres. Some late start runners were visibly struggling by this stage, the 12 or 13km mark.

 Lots was happening near the finish line. Some needed to concentrate and warm up while waiting.

Back to day to day Travestere: parking is challenging here. Two solutions are parking by sound and, wherever you can.


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