Cadiz: first impressions and first days

First impressions: yuk! The worst of coastal Australia with tall buildings, and more tour ships, big ships, refilling the place daily. Or, worse still, Cancun, little America on coastal Mexico. 

Not helped by our Airbnb apartment arrival: outside door key didn’t work, apartment key worked but with difficulty. Apartment smelt, had to find the switch board to turn on power, fridge had defrosted onto the floor, nearly joining forces with a puddle from under the sink. Ugh. 

All the while poor JP was dying from a very bad case of motion sickness following the 4 hours or so here by bus from Ronda. Late in the trip she had to go back and lie across the back seat of the bus as she was in a bad way. This was despite an anti sickness pill with breakfast, then, a quick vomit at the first place we stopped. At the end of the trip, in the bus station, she was happy she’d picked up the small white plastic bag off our table in Ronda. She didn’t need my spare one! And that will be her last bus trip this lifetime…… But, give her 1 hour and the Cadiz cats will need to look out.

I went out exploring after nearly choking on the cost of a coke, about 200ml for €3, outside the cathedral, opposite where we are staying. Found a more genuine looking Spanish bar for a coffee a few blocks away. Genuine? Yeah, noisy, loud boss, TV blaring football and nice coffee. Two others, no three, here and they all speak Spanish, not english, as in the cathedral square. Most importantly, they wouldn’t charge €3 for less coke than comes in the usual sized can. €3!!!
Water recycling

No worries about water in the apartment. JP had a shower in the morning. Water finally all emptied out of the shower basin. When I had one at 10pm the bottom of the shower had 3cm of water again. Neat! All back up the drain for possible reuse or temporary storage. The smell was a bit strong though.

The smell of drains wafts around parts in this area. Not surprising as the town is old and barely metres above sea level. Not sure what happens with full tide with a gale and a full moon. Get two days of shower water recycling perhaps?

The market

Centrally located, it mainly sells fish and confirms why so many people laud the fish in Cadiz. So many types, so clearly fresh. We bought fillets of a white fish and, some salmon. The skill of the sellers in removing fish skin and bones was astounding. So little wastage, so easily prepared. 

Some stalls with vegetables are around the fish part of the market, and, food stalls with a range of options. And a supermarket adjacent to it all as well. Very conveniently near us. 

So, dinner for a few nights was fish, broccoli, mushrooms and asparagus.

‘Home sweet Airbnb’ again

Tonight was wash-clothes night. Easy you say. Get detergent, washing machines and clothes together, yup. Bought detergent today. Convinced JP to give over some clothes. Fed it all into machine and turned it on. Nothing. Not even a sign the power was on. No instructions provided.

Turned dial. Nothing. Turned again and machine suddenly started spinning. No water, no washing, just spinning.

Back to start. No manuals online for this model. Tried again. Started dial from 5, not 13. Yes! Water poured into it and soon after it started washing. We are now sweating on what it will do. Finish? Eat them? Stop part through? What?

Great machine once I used it a couple of times. Washes well and is probably works better than what we have at home. Certainly washes for longer in a short cycle.

Remember, the puddles in the kitchen, a key that barely works? Add to that neighbours down below us who finished moving furniture at 1.15am. I kid you not. Their dog(s?) stopped yipping then too. All was quiet after that, until 7.30am. Tonight? Who knows….

Standing on our terrace and looking over its edge down at our fellow tourists is great, especially when the clarinet player is there charming us all. Sound rises up to us upstairs and he is good. 
You guessed it, Cadiz could only improve for me after an inauspicious start. And it did. Heaps.
So, ignore this blog entry and read the next instead!

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