Transiting in Santiago (airport), Chile

Left Sydney a little late with an assurance that we’d arrive early in Santiago, Chile. Headed south.

I made sure to look out for New Zealand. Maybe it was there. Lots of long white clouds covered where the captain said NZ should be. 

We flew between the North and South Islands not, as planned, south of the southern part of the South Island. 

Strange leaving a country in the middle of a day, transiting somewhere at midnight (if you didn’t reset your watch), spending a few hours in another airport lounge in a second country, and arriving at yet another city in the third country on the same day and only a few hours after you left. Where did the 11.75 + 2.5 + whatever other hours go? 

Santiago, Chile 

My first trip to Chile. Through Chile really as I’m transiting. A fourth time in a Santiago, the first time in this version.

Soon after the coast is what looks like a huge tailing dam, strangely beautiful but probably not prime real estate. 

Flat country dominates near the airport with ridges of hills and surrounded by layer after layer of snow covered mountains. 

 The area from the airport to the surrounding mountains is covered by a very light mist, blurring the edges of the flat plains into the mountains and sky. Green at the start gives way through the trees and mist to white, snow covered, mountain peaks. Row upon row or layer after layer. 

The biggest relevation was the chips! A huge bowl of different coloured potato chips, small and very tasty, not fatty. Hmmm. 

Finished all the chips I can eat at present. My next stay in this airport is for 7 or 8 hours so I can continue then. 😊

Next leg today: to Lima. 

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