Coastal Miraflores, Lima 

Two things struck me when I arrived in Miraflores, a suburb of Lima. First is the narrowness of many buildings. Probably just the way we came in as I’m sure many aren’t. My hotel is. Narrow, boxy.

The second striking feature is that it looks as though Christo had been wrapping up the cliffs here! Remember Christo who has over the decades wrapped up huge landscape features in many countries? The guy who didn’t get sufficiently large presents for his birthdays as a child?

Visualise coming into land from the west: sea, a four lane road travelling very near the coastal edge north to south, and huge cliffs on the other side with towering buildings up on top, mostly a little back from their front edge.

Imagine most of those cliffs needing to be covered in nets to control falling stones and dirt. And there you have the coast through this area. And it continues for kilometres, not just a few metres.

And both ways up and down the coast from Miraflores. 
The nets, in places, remind me of the marble sculptured robes in some Roman statuary. Carefully manufactured, soft, folds in this case present as the protectors of crumbling ‘hills’ rather than coverings over a body.

Softer down near the bottom where bits fall. And hard at the top where it is clearly breaking up.

Down the southern end is the promontory with a large cross. When lit at night it’s spectacular. In the daytime the cross is barely visible.

And when you look down onto the sea from up above it has disturbingly large brownish patches. 

Doesn’t seem to bother surfers or the odd swimmer. Maybe because once in it you don’t see the extent of it. Ugghh.

And the beach? What beach! It’s millions of small stones that make enough noise to almost drown out the traffic as the waves come in and out. Rugged. Noisy and the antithesis of an enticing sandy beach.

I found some of the built structures out on the beach, and beside it, hard to fully fathom. 


I fly to Cusco tomorrow.  Exciting!

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