Festival in Cusco

Guess which is the festival week/month in Cusco? Yes, this. Apparently there are dancers daily for some time to come. Today started with the littlies. Two or three years old. They are so cute.  They have to be cajoled and assisted to walk in the same direction at the same time.

And the hats! Some are magnificent, beaded, items.

Some groups had a good system with each kid holding a purpose designed rope. Even that looked challenging for some.

And it is very serious for some, walking and holding their rope.

And then there was the sharp contrast between the old, in everyday clothes and on crutches, and the so-young they needed the guiding ropes. The boys’ costume was particularly fascinating. They each carried a bottle they raised, as for a toast, at irregular intervals.

Clearly not everyone got the memo about what to wear. Well, the one who said he didn’t also needed help to stay on track.

Enough! The variety, even very small differences between all the groups is spectacular. And then there are the adults (tomorrow).

(Mild) altitude sickness

Well, there goes my climb up Everest! Altitude sickness here, at a mere ~4,000m, confirms I should stay a coastal dweller. In Manang, Nepal, I had an off day. Denied it could be due to the altitude but yesterday I had the same symptoms: headache, nausea and lethargy. So maybe it was. Only mild.

Yesterday was Thursday and Discovery channel does ‘adventures’ all evening. It’s all in Spanish so it’s good practise listening along with the pictures. The first adventure showed six or eight women marooned on an island for two months and how they managed to work together and stay alive. Bear Grylls was there to pick them up and congratulate them. They are soooo nice its unreal. Yes, of course some subtleties pass me by cos it’s in Spanish!
Then two guys with minimal equipment for a week fiddled around in the northern Mexican jungle. Then, another two men were left in the middle of a salt pan in Bolivia with a few maps, a compass (of little use with underlying mineral deposits), a little water and not much else. Seem to be testing if survival is possible, two men earlier having had a car break down and then died trying to walk out. This one was not as good. They spoke too quickly. I wanted to say ‘slow down, slow down’. Unlike the others they are constantly on the move and its reflected in their too-rapid speech. At present I bet they are wondering why they signed up for this 15′ of fame. From salt pans to snow covered mountains, no fun.

My last program for the night: the naked and together in the bush. I don’t get who would volunteer for that one. The inducements must be good. Jungle in bare feet, for a start, seems excessive.

Not cured of the altitude problems quite yet. Walked down the stairs to visit school for Monday. Had to stop for coffee ‘cos of a very dry throat plus feeling a bit off, sweating heavily for a start. My landlady was here when I got back and she gave me a box of coca tea bags plus I’d bought coca toffees. Still, I’m so much better today than yesterday.


Start school Monday. Visited two today. The second is my first choice but it’s full this coming week. So I’m booked into the other for the first and have registered online for the second for the following week. Will be interesting. Almost impossible for the teachers to be as good as those in Oaxaca.

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