Lima to Sydney 

Some nice surprises today.
First, the taxi driver did arrive! Manuelito as his friends would know him, arrived in the end. Ten minutes late and I had just flagged down a local taxi when he pulled in outside the apartment building. Phew.

Manuel was my preferred option as I’d come from the airport with him plus we’d already negotiated a price. You don’t just get a taxi here. You have to make sure it’s a legitimate one and then agree a price. Ugh. Not a traveller friendly system which is surprising given how well organised and tourist friendly so many things are in Peru.

The second surprise concerned LATAM. We got on board the flight from Lima and it was a strange plane, open and not the tiny old thing I’d expected. Yes, a Dreamliner was coopted as they had so many passengers. A very good outcome as it was like sitting in business at premium economy prices. Space, some different movies and comfort.

Third was the mountains of Chile. We flew south, to the west of the mountain range forming the spine of Chile. Beautiful.

Imagine, snow covered blue mountains to our left. Only the upper third of most was covered by the pure white snow. Below was the deeper blue of real mountains. And way below, covering the lower parts of the mountains and blanketing the ground and buildings, a white haze or mist, slightly brownish yellow but only slightly. Sticking up from this blanket was an old volcano, free of the mist at the very top pointy bit.

Coming in from the west, last time, I saw a tailings dam. This time, from the north, the view was spectacular.

Considered going to Santiago for a few hours but, it’s not worth it. Chile levies a nasty tit for tat tax against Australians such that we have to pay ?$U122 or so to get a visa to go into town. Clearly we are as unpleasant at our borders to their citizens. Seems very silly to me. Chile misses out on the $$ I would have spent for 3 or 4 hours here. And I just have to eat more of those delicious multicoloured chips. No, not for 6 hours. I’m tired already and will soon look for somewhere more comfortable and set my alarms.

First, I must read the Aussie Sunday newspaper, then watch 4 downloaded episodes of Outlanders and then read the end of a book and find out who dunnit.

In case I can’t sleep, unlikely, I am hoping Latam has ‘Blacklist’ available on the next leg. Am up to episode five. Not a series that could go into a second series. Surely not. But I enjoyed the first few episodes.

BEST surprise of all for today: the new Latam club in Santiago has a sleeping room. Look for me there in a few hours, lying perfectly flat and, very happy….☺️☺️🙃🙃☺️☺️


Wish me luck. Only five and a bit hours to go now…

Gail posted the following photo and kindly sent me a copy…

Note the coconspirators up behind the clean ones.

(L to R:  Back: Christina & Val; Front: Ruth & Gail)

Note, this was early, before the Canadian flag disappeared, never to be seen again. Well, the maple leaf turned up on wet gear but no little territorial flag. 😋


Yes. This is the last blog for this trip to Peru. Would I go to Cusco again? Yes! Would I go into Machu Picchu again? Probably! Lima? No. The past gray days are part of an 8 months a year pattern of gray-Lima, according to Manuel.

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