Macchu Picchu to Cusco 

Saturday 9 july
Our final breakfast and Jodie’s birthday! At about 8 Jodie and I headed off to drop off my washing and for a last (for me) drink overlooking the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

Breakfast was at 8.30. Disnada had arranged a cake for Jodie and we sang to her. After we thanked Disnada and gave her an envelope of tips, we headed in our different directions: many of them with me to buy wonderful Cusco chocolate, allowing me to collect my washing on the way back and to buy two last sweet tamales for me and two for Christina. 

Farewells over, Sam and I left for the airport, both heading to Cusco, different flights. I missed saying goodby to Gail, a phenomenally fit (nearly) 60 year old marathoner. She, and Ruth, also incredibly fit, are true blue Newfies. Inspiring, both of them. 

The four of us who climbed Huayna Picchu,  Sam, Christina, Jodie and I, are hoping to walk together again sometime during the next year. 

A very impressive group of women. All 9 but, for me, especially my 4 co-climbers, people equally mad as me. I’m only sad I’m not 40ish still. Hmmm, when I think of what Ann, the Aussie I met in 2013 when walking the Via de la Plata, does at a bit over 70 I have hope yet.

So, off to the airport with Sam. She was supposedly leaving 30′ before me but, I suspect is still in line upstairs. Flights are running late. Mine only about 30′. Hers, more.

The most garrulous woman I’ve met in a while buttonholed the pair of us in a coffee shop. Sam (luckily for her) had to leave. I did my best and we discussed the woman’s putative trip to Aus. Turned out our neighbours in the coffee shop were Aussie and they were a great help in giving her more ideas after I’d gone. I know because I dropped back in to thank them for sharing the load!  

Highlights of the trip

Walking into Machu Picchu, a truly impressive site, one of the 9, a Wild Women Expedition, managed by Andean Treks from Cusco

Climbing Huayna Picchu with Christina, Sam and Jodie 

Our guide, Disnada – always extremely professional and whom Sam rightly described as unflappable

Walking for hours in the rain, up and down some high stretches of stone steps, and then arriving at a nice hotel with hot showers and good beds

Finding out who else had planned to climb Huayna Picchu

Being with a group of 9 such nice women: people who shared their things, who helped each other, who interacted amazingly well, were kind and thoughtful, and who were good humoured in tougher times. (Well, mostly.)

Discovering I’m still an ever-ready-bunny walker less than a month from my 66th birthday. 

And the group: 










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