Leaving Aus 

The train from Gosford to the city was busy. And thank heavens I was heading to the last stop on the line today as I went to sleep on it again. Jim’s fault. The darling little red Aussie terrier has just recovered from something that made him unwilling to walk, to even lie down. During last night he decided he needed to be taken outside at about 2am. Well, that’s my excuse for being so tired.

Sydney international airport was quieter than I’ve ever seen it. Even with an inspection for explosives (bad timing on my part), I was through from Emirates checkin to the Qantas lounge in a mere 5 to 15 minutes. Very quick and easy. Wow!

With my books, bathers and extra clothes and shoes for school in Salamanca, walking poles and sleeping bag with liner, my pack weighed 7kg. Not too bad as a number of things will remain in Madrid when I start walking a section of the Mozarabe, a different camino in Spain, mid September if all goes to plan. I hope …

For the walk in Tuscany, early September, I’ll take most things as I’m joining a group, organised by Walking Women, and we’ll be based in a single location. This follows my discovery of how good it can be to walk with a group, as with Wild Women Expeditions along the Incan Trail and up Huayna Picchu. On the strength of that I’ve got another two group trips organised for 2017. And yes, I know, I was lucky with my recent group and it won’t always be that way. All I have to do is to remember my bike trip in Myanmar with the subgroups: 6 Canadian friends who tended to stick together as did the group of 4 American friends, and then there was me. Hence my reluctance to join groups, especially when it might be a group of partners or pre-existing friends.

In a short while I might change to the Emirates lounge as they have nicer food than Qantas. In the meantime, their nuts are wonderful, as is the quiet. I should have organised a massage as there is a spa here. Maybe you have to fly first class for that. Oh well. 😋

Trip to Dubai

First leg of my trip to Madrid is an overnight flight to Dubai. I don’t know how long it takes, maybe 12, maybe 14 hours. Never remember as it’s usually quite pleasant and I sleep well.

The Emirates lounge? Yes, much better food than in the Qantas one. Confirmed once again 😉.

So, Dubai and then Madrid, here I come.


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