Salamanca: a beautiful city

Monday morning

Forget mondayitis. Gone! And, if I’d felt like this last week I’d have lined up extra classes for this week, one on one conversation. It’s a little late now but it would have been a really good idea, had I known I’d live again!

Since I effectively lost a week, one option is to return to Salamanca for a couple more. I’ve checked and so far the same apartment is empty but, I don’t want to fix my options yet. I know. The apartment may be unavailable if I leave it. My risk.

Yup, more, and different, adventures to come before I want to make this decision.

Stage 2 of this trip sort of starts next Saturday. More later.

Lunch out

To continue my upward trajectory I decided lunch at ZaZu’s was the go. Their salads are great. Tasty, healthy. 

To start: a very tasty salad with brie and orange, then, a nice seafood linguini, a great mango ‘soup’ (gelato) and a coffee. Cost €17.90 (about $26AUD). Not cheap but, worth it. I first ate there in 2013 as a special farewell dinner with my erstwhile walking companion, Ekhardt. More recently, I ate there with JP. So, a very infrequent regular!

Then, until desert arrived at about 14:35, I was the only customer. By 15:50 another 3 were upstairs with me. 

Two were guys. Talked incessantly and over each other, as spaniards are wont to do, and each took a photo of each course. They each posted them immediately. I waited until later and sorry, I only had desert to show for my visit. So I took it twice! Next time I’ll do better.

I asked the waitress why it was so quiet. She said the foreigners have gone and the Spanish aren’t back from holidays yet. Good luck for me! I already knew the students are away as it’s so much quieter than usual where I currently live in Salamanca, between the 2 universities, the one state and the other, private. 

Reminds me! I typed ‘salads’ but reread it and it had changed after i finished. Like my last blog: for the strange omissions/additions, thank Pages or WordPress. Truly, I set a blog up, check it carefully and it changes afterwards. So put the blame not on the author but on the software (yes, a revision of the old line: ‘it’s the pen, not me’). Si? For the times the auto correct is invaluable, there are as many when it drives me nuts.


I was finally out early this morning, a bit after 0730, when the sun comes up. 

My street was so quiet. Nothing and no one.

Half an hour later the delivery vans had started and some tables and chairs were propped closely against one wall. 

Was a lot later before all the tables were out and some in use. Every day this process is repeated. Every year. Tables and chairs out, filled with people, cleaned, replaced back inside and tomorrow it starts again. 

Meanwhile the cliched view people who live here, or walk through touristy bits, see is tables and chairs in the centre of a pedestrian-only road as you look south, towards the cathedral.



Am I the only person in the world eagerly awaiting to see what Apple will do with the iPad mini 5, or whatever it’s going to be called? I am eagerly awaiting a new, thinner, lighter, waterproof model with a better processor. Will I be lucky this year? I’ve just got lucky another way. Yes got a ticket to My Fair Lady my first week back now in Australia. Even better, it’s in the middle of the front row. Hmmm, I’m uncertain why it was possible. I love that row when I don’t need to read the subtitles. For an english language operetta I love, a front seat should be the best.

Bread in Spain

A favourite topic! For me. 

Just bought another loaf of my favourite bread in Spain. It is pan aleman, German bread. Much better than most types of Spanish bread. Those are typically very crusty tonsil abraders or, like many in American, white or brown coloured, soft, spongy ‘stuff’ labelled bread. Neither is particularly exciting as far as I’m concerned. 
I am heading to the only supermarket I know will be open at about 2pm on a weekday (worse on a weekend). Yes, most are shut, or shutting, then. 


The one open one sells nice sushi and sashimi. Secretly it’s so I can change a €100 note. Few places can change big notes, except supermarkets. Plus, the sushi is good. 

One shop in some big cities in Spain that always puzzles me is Pull and Bear. I kid you know. Spanglish? Some english, such as its use of english for ‘back to school’ sale. Interesting! So is the extent of clutter.


Back to do homework before the cultural lecture at 19:00. I was looking at my desk and wondering why I was getting fat.

Too much cough medicine?

Too little physical exercise – well virtually none until this morning. 

Can’t think what else. 😙 not cheesecake bought for a few days in advance. Surely not. 


Tonight’s cultural lecture is Francisco and his guitar. I’ve asked him to play La Cucharacha, the cockroach, a highly political song I love! Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, we are learning when to use some prepositions. Be blowed if I’ve figured other than: learn as many examples as you can so you will do the right-sounding thing. The little logic I’ve figured leaves me very confused. Hair splitting!


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