Florence: food 


The tomatoes! The bread! And the quality of oil! 

Even the location for one such meal, a small, side of street space with a few olive trees, just near the city wall and one of the gates through it. 

Pleasant weather, great venue and food… Wonderful. 

The bread was amazing. Tasted like home made white bread and it had only a little salt in it. I’m looking for some in the market. Heaven is an Italian bread basket. 

A guy on the adjacent table of Brits is a middle aged, white supporter of which American aspirant for the presidency? Yup. I wonder if he voted Brexit? I’ve not yet met a Brit who admits to voting Brexit. Guess those I meet are travellers, young and old, and they wouldn’t have in most cases.


And now it’s another day. I’m at the market. One of the entrance streets, like so many shops in Florence, is full of leather goods. Oh that I needed a briefcase or bag or a leather vest as the range of designs and colours is wonderful. I don’t and I also have to avoid buying yet another wallet instead. The leather one I bought in rome is sitting unloved at home. So unless I find a blue wallet with the same design as my favourite travel wallet with its note clip: no leather goods this time in Italy. Hands must stay in pockets. Thinking of hands, I love some of the gloves. Yes, Muriel, sigh. Mine are better in the rain. 

Back to the market: great fruit and the usual, breads, delicatessen, butchers etc.

I bought two types of bread to try, and oil, for dinner. Will buy some more of the wonderful green figs as well. I prefer them to the purple ones. Still looking for the larger purple variety though. 

More on lunches

This time lunch is a salad from the truffle place upstairs in the market. Truffles? You get truffle salt, oil and something else liquidy I suspect is ‘truffled’ put all over it. The salads here are so good.

Prices are usually reasonable out of the central tourist spots. In fact, I prefer the food here to that in Spain where salt and a not-so-good oil are too often the overwhelmingly dominant condiments and flavours.  I love the freshness here as well. 

And on another day: for a salad with lots of truffles, pay €20. The usual excellent fresh, mixed, salad but even a little more interesting with shaved truffles, and a bit of honey all over it. Truffles are not something I’d go out of my way for again, especially after I bought honey with truffles. Just not that exciting and it wasn’t the lemons that made it that way.

Aus owes such a debt to the Italians for our salads. I still shudder at the memory of the horrible english style salads of my childhood with the iceberg lettuce, onion, egg and tomato wedges and grated carrot. Some of the same ingredients but a very different delivery. Very

And now for a very different lunch: a pasta with gorgonzola and leeks followed by baked rabbit and potatoes. 

They, with a small bottle of water, cost €10. 

My neighbours are older Germans and, surprisingly, having trouble with english. Most of them are very good. The menu is in Italian and english. Oh, thank heavens for the heavy duty colonising by the Brits from the 17th to 19th centuries. 

One poor waitress is doing too many tables inside and out. And by out, I mean in the gutter on a one way road in use. 

Ok place but too many diesel fumes as many cars and bikes stop just in front of the street tables.  A lot of people are doing luggage dropoffs just on the other side of the restaurant. I love the bikes, and riders! 

Off to the sidelines from today’s topic:  this place amazes me with its curved streets, strangely angled ones and the very old buildings still extant after so long. Florence and the Medici, a city of the middle ages, very wealthy and pivotal in much of the world 😊.  Some of the past wealth and glories are still evident today compared to so many Spanish places I’ve visited.

And there is a tunnel near one part in my street! I try to imagine how a city ends up with so many curved streets still and, tunnels. I assume defensive straties over the ages. And I’m here!  Anyhow, yes, I keep having to pinch myself. Florence is so interesting! And amazing. 

Private hells

Oh hell, the paving stone cutter was on again this morning! The screeching wheel always cuts noisily, especially in an echo chamber of a street. And this morning they’ve clearly made progress. Yes! The last bits to do are along from me but fencing remains along with holes and exposed pipes.

Second bit of hell: wifi in my Airbnb. I am very unhappy with the Airbnb wifi. I asked about it. Wait, they said! I’ve now asked how that will help as it was as slow from 3-11pm yesterday and the same this morning. So I turned it off when I went out. May help dissuade piggy backers as there is no password. Unbelievable! 

Forgive me, can you manage one more? Just back, relaxing, shirt half off. Doorbell rings and someone uses keys and walks in! Unbelievable. I thought someone had been while I was away in as they triple locked the door and I don’t. So I had trouble getting in. So, to be sure, security isn’t! Yes, it was a cleaner returning a mop and bucket.


One thought on “Florence: food 

  1. I just loved Florence! Did u get to model! I did! Haha. Still finding you very entertaining. Hope to use some of your information in the near future.


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