Florence to Pisa: and, the group

Early morning, 08:00 ish here, in Florence, and there are still people around the wonderful Duomo. The light was falling on the tower, so amazing.

Not once have I been tempted to hire a horse and buggy and see the sights. True if I forget the strange experience jp and I had at the horse fair in Jerez, Spain. €48 later, after free dental work testing….😏 Fun but I thought it was free and they were desperate for customers.  

Wedding photographers tend to get it right. That alone, ignoring the views of 50,000 tourists daily, suggests it’s worth visiting. 

Keep walking. Access to the station from my direction was via an extensive network of tunnels under a roundabout. I’d braved the traffic there yesterday. Pedestrian crossings seem to be voluntary stopping places for drivers, especially bikes.

A lifesaving coffee at the station. A very busy place on Sunday morning.

I still have 30′ to wait. My ticket, bought on the internet, is fine and I don’t need to reserve a seat. Phew, every country is different. I guess with the volume of world travel these interesting differences will be ironed out. 

Aggghhhhh 134km/hr feels too fast on the train to Pisa, too much rocking. 

Japanese tape is phenomenal. The repair this girl did to the base of her leaking water bottle worked! Sort of.


The Leaning Tower needs capital letters! It is astounding. Truly defies gravity. My first sight: a spectacular wedding cake of a tower, falling. I will need to see this again to sear it into my brain. And from all sides again.  

There is already a long tourist line to climb it. Security is slow, individuals all frisked by the one guy with a metal detector.


Nah. I’m passing. You guessed? And no, the line was longer than 5 people 😏.

Add it to my list of better-than-the-postcards. The list is lengthening: leaning tower of Pisa, Angka Wat, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, bits in florence etc.

Cute little streets surround it and continue down the tourist track to the train station. Based on a 1 hour level of expertise I don’t plan on staying here.


And some interesting folks (and little dog) around the streets of Pisa. 

The group

Shock! Do not believe Facebook. Never!!!

The people whose names and descriptions were down on Facebook as going on my walking trip aren’t on it! Not one of them, except me. Think of who might be on such a trip? Yes. Women aged 40ish to 60s. And that’s it. Can’t quite figure out the numbers, many know each other already, having walked with this group before. What are they like? Who knows at this stage. But, the trip will be very different to how it looked.

 More later, much later, after our briefing and first day of walking. 

First: my accomodation is a small house.

 Very small but with real grapes, among chestnut trees and various fruit trees, we are miles out from Pisa, about 1.5hours. 

And the view down across the valley is intriuging, small village about 10′ away. 


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