Tuscany: day 5 walk

Walk day 5
Scorpion #3 died today. Skulking just near my kitchen bin it was, along the edge of the wall. I rapidly attacked it with my thong. Squash, crunch, and into the bin. Still there if you want to see it. So, 4 sightings, 3 deaths and I’m a twitchy resident as I’m not sure 🤔 if the one on the ceiling still lives there or not. And what about the revenge of the scorpions? Hmmm. I did wonder if #2 could defy water and a smooth inner pipe to reappear. Confession: after all that I left the plug in, in case of the return of the unwanted …

The weather looked threatening at breakfast time on Friday, day 5. Probably even a bit more likely to rain than ‘threatening’ suggests. Many put on overpants just before we left so I raced back up to my cottage to do the same. Full rain cover for me and my backpack.

 Five or 10 minutes after we started walking, maybe longer, the rain stopped and we stopped to strip off as it wasn’t cold and you always sweat a lot under goretex pants. (To the Brits ‘pants’ are always the undermost layer.) 

Our walk was down along the Galagnana valley from where we are staying to a nearby dam. One old village with a church, of course, opened twice a year.

Lots of grapes around at this time of year. 

By the time we got to the dam it was full wet weather gear again. From just raining it soon escalated to ‘pissing down’. 

Luckily the escalation happened soon before we arrived at the one coffee shop on our route today. The coffee there was ok, not the best and it was nice out of the rain. The woman barista looked to have a fracture of her right scaphoid, guessing from her plastercast. Her ‘assistant’ was near useless.  The cafe had an interesting toilet that I’m sorry I can’t show you!

This was a choice point. Ninety minutes of walking in the rain remained or, go back to our accommodation. Which did I choose? Six of our group called a local taxi bus and i headed home. Usually I’d have stayed but I don’t want to get too tired or risk getting wet through so….. yes, I joined the taxi group. €3.50 each and we were home in no time. 😀 


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