Almeria to Santa Fe de Mondújar

I am so thankful I got a taxi from the hotel out through the suburbs this morning. The industrial area was as I’d expected. Extended, boring, lots of dark streets. I know, if I’d left later it would be light but I really don’t want to walk that part of any town again.

Today I will have roommates! Yes. Two Spanish guys with large packs. We met in Rioja, a small town along the way today. They started by apologising. They’d seen me keep continuing down a riverbed after I should have turned right. I was daydreaming. I’d seen them way behind me but couldn’t tell if they were carrying packs or were just local walkers. We have a signal now if it happens again. Packs generally have a very shrill whistle built in and so they’ll whistle!!

Anyhow, an interesting change after nights spent alone in albergues. And yes, all chat has to be in Spanish and I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of each other over the next few days.

The landscape today is very different, moonscape with hills and dry river beds. I wonder if they have dry river boat races here? 

Citrus trees everywhere and some amazingly large buildings with hydroponically grown tomatoes. And the tomatoes I could see were astounding. Beautiful. 

I could wish they grew similarly nice lettuces. Lunch in Santa Fe de Mondujar was the usual mixed salad with lots of white lettuce stems followed today by fish, chips and a fried egg. And then coffee. All with wifi that works! I am so happy. One of the first times on the Camino Mozárabe. 

I’ve asked for two hard boiled eggs for takeaway.  It’s 1km back to the albergue so I don’t want to walk back here for dinner as well. That is despite here having a fiesta tonight and over the weekend for the virgen of somewhere. Presumably the patron saint of Santa Fe, the small town where I am now, in the midst of the moonscape. 

Saw a number of older houses built into hillsides and a series of strange holes on one particular one. Too far away to investigate.

Could the bull with red pouring down one shoulder be a political statement? I doubt it as the Andalucíanos tend to be keen on bullfights. But seeing a flawed version of the bull was unusual. Apparently the company that used it for an advertisement, alcohol of some type, was asked to leave them after the campaign ended as they were so popular. 

Tomorrow is up! Up hill!

2 thoughts on “Almeria to Santa Fe de Mondújar

  1. Well, the suburbs were not so bad after all. There were broad sidewalks, a suburban area with shops and bars. And once in the river bed, the walk was very nice.


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