Alba to Hueneja


My morning started with a quick trot down town to get breakfast. If I wasn’t in Andalusia you would wonder why I would tell you. Hills! Always hills. So, took about 10-15′ to get down. Rapid breakfast so I could back and be ready to meet the tour guide, Javi.

He, and a friend of his, took the 3 of us around the town last night. No, not a wild tour but old hermitas (small chapels), a bit of roman something and an impressive roman mausoleum. The piece de resistable was the cemetery. Out of fairness, we went to its chapel but it was shut. Oh, and then a spring that obviously has a lot of iron in the water. 

Getting home from that tour was such a relief. A nice albergue. 


So, meeting Javi at 08:30 this morning was always going to be a mixed blessing. He is a very immature young guy, very awkward around me. Thankfully we were meeting B and M in Finaña. They’d walked the 8km there. 

What we visited made being with Javi and his two friends (yes, another appeared) bearable. Wow! 

The aljibe (water cistern) was huge, about 1,000 years old. Huge!

The remaining bits of the Arab/Moorish castle, really interesting. 

Left to right: Manuel and Benedicto

(Benedicto looking contemplative in front of a fascinating seeping ‘fountain’)

And looking down on the town of Finaña from above, spectacular. Steep. Yes. 

It’s a beautiful little town with an underdeveloped awareness of its heritage. Hence our private visit to things that need some control like the wonderful old Arab building. Its floor, over 1,000 years old and just uncovered, won’t last long without some better protection.

I don’t know who reads this blog but if you walk: Camino Mozarabe from Almeria to Granada is the best. Well, I’m assuming the rest of this walk will be as good as it has been so far. This is a place very worth visiting. If you don’t walk, come anyway: hire a car, catch buses or whatever. 

The people here are friendlier than in many other rural places. Very interesting. Not so cynical about tourists or walkers. Would I come back? Yes!

The walk: great. Lots of river bed through yet different terrain.

The most amazing sight! In the river bed between towns, a man with two muzzled goats!

Muzzled goats! Why became obvious!

It was the only way he could get the, anywhere! Ignore the poles shown beside the goats!


Again, friendly people helped me find the city office. Then I had to get the albergue keys. Where were my caballeros? I’d left Finana before them so I knew they were behind. 

Got the key, left my stuff on a bed and went searching. Did you guess where? Yes, the closest bar. Well, actually, I rang and the lovely Benedicto was waiting outside waving his arms so I’d find him. We’ve been here for hours now. Tapas after tapas. Them, beer, and me, coke light. Oh, and wifi!!

Another good day. Like the past few with these guys and this route. As seem from different places recently: 


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