Alcalá la Real to Córdoba 

Buses are usually cheap here and connect every small town. So, getting from Alcalá La Real to Córdoba is easy. And cheap.


A wet, miserable day. My weather apps were both right when they said more to come. Today’s paper added nothing positive. So, rain and more rain for the next few days. Normally not a problem but many of the streets here are slippery and i am reluctant to do as much walking as I’d planned. I don’t really want to spend the weekend reading newspapers and rewatching Breaking Bad and TV.  

Nor do I want to slip again. The last time was coming down a steep street in Alcalá la Real. Yes, I saw the oil streaks on the street but thought it would be ok if I was careful. As a woman with a pram, next to a much older woman, started to climb up the street towards me I slipped and slid on my rear end down towards them. Aggghhh. Oh well. No harm as bruised egos and shattered confidence don’t show. 😒

Moving on: my new addiction is…. drum roll…..fried eggplant with honey. They call it honey but it’s a pourable brown sugar. Oh, and a plate of grilled green asparagus. I saw lots of that growing on the way to Córdoba. Plus salmorejo, the thick pink, tomato and bread, soup with bits of jamón and hard boiled egg on top. Hmmmm.

Met a delightful American in the Córdoba train station coffee shop, a veritable melting spot of nationalities and languages. She looked like an english speaker. They’ll look….. Well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s those who speak no Spanish look more alert and watchful and so are easily identified. Bilingual speakers? I’m nearly always surprised when I discover someone truly bilingual. Anyhow this woman visits Spain often as her daughter and family moved here a few years ago. She was very pleasant company for a short while. My age but plagued by ill health, and excessive luggage! Honestly two large cases for only a month away. …..

Train to Madrid, a few days there and, home. 


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