Spain & Portugal 2017

I’m excited! Sound familiar? Last time I was about to head off I said something similar. I’ve been home since sometime in October 2016. Well, that’s excepting a couple of very enjoyable visits to Canberra, Melbourne and near Ballarat. Otherwise, yes. Home for Xmas and the summer. A hot, and wonderful summer. Xmas? Xmas is Xmas. I’m very ready to go travelling again.

Thanks to the peculiarities of international airlines I’m better travelling south from Sydney, via Melbourne (!!), to Madrid. Then, a few hours later, another flight to Malaga, down on the Mediterranean coast. Briefly. Why the delay in Madrid? Well, I don’t expect my pack to end up coming in on the same flight with me. Too much to hope it gets from a domestic airline in Australia to an international one in the brief time I have in Melbourne. Sigh. I am a bit of a glass half empty person with baggage and airlines 😏. With reason.

As always, I was too early and consigned to waiting at the airport. Not, as I’d prefer, in an international airline club but in Qantas domestic. Sigh. The drawback of an initial domestic leg.

It felt like the start of a new trip though as I collected JP from work and she took my car after dropping me at the station. I was early enough to catch the earlier train. On my way….

Poor Jim knew I was going as I put my bags in the car today. I doubt the food bribe, chicken leg and dog biscuits, diverted him for long. Poor Jim. I felt guilty and left quickly so I wouldn’t hear him complaining about my perfidy as I quietly snuck out the front door.

I’m happy I’m on my way again.

2 thoughts on “Spain & Portugal 2017

  1. Enjoy the ride! For us Canadians, Quantas is like a walk in the park compared to AC. I am loving that I have to go to Costa Rica via AC. And shame on you leaving Jim behind. See if you were leaving your husband behind, you would not feel any guilt. 🙂 I look forward to all your spanis experiences. Hope to get lots of travel tips from you in the near future.

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