River walking to Torre del Mar

Who knew!! Black sand on this part of the Mediterranean coast. 

The end point of my walk yesterday was Torre del Mar a bit over 13km away. 

So a good walk, flat but not always easy. The river i walked down ended on a narrow black-sand beach, near the dog walking part of town. 

The adjacent bushes had a disproportionate number of solitary older men hanging around, beautifully tanned paunches hanging over fairly tight shorts in some cases. 

I didn’t bother walking to the actual town of Torre del Mar: lots of tall, modern apartment buildings next to paddocks of vegetables including lettuces. All are well fenced, typical in spain. 

And then, a cart carrying vegetables, pulled by oxen, headed across a bridge into the modern touristy city!

The few bridges are large and clearly the river flows sometimes.

 Looking at the height and numbers of trees growing in the riverbed, the infrequency is obvious! So is the danger to this area:  limited water, growing tourist and resident numbers, changing agriculture with more mangoes being grown = …..,.


I keep meaning to count the number of apartments. Must be about 6. It perches on a hill overlooking Benamocarra. 

Catherine, the only owner currently around, has been very helpful. Don’t see anyone much. The couple in the apartment above me are still here and others are apparently arriving today and tomorrow. The place is closed over winter so I suspect it’s not long been reopened. 

Other white towns, besides Benamocarra, are visible in the distance from this eyrie. The region is hilly and from my perch overlooking one valley, some large and possibly quite high mountain ranges loom over it all. 

Three cats live here. They are not allowed inside but come the minute they hear any human stirrings. They are funny – they have food available ad libitum in a very large old paella dish near an outside bar area. Walk near it and three cats appear from nowhere and start eating.

And one day a herd of goats passed the front gate!! Mainly brown they followed a guy and his two dogs. Any delay and a few hopped over the nearest fence to nibble. Lots of kids among them.  And my camera was inside! There is a photo, somewhere on my phone. 


The more I’ve walked around it the more plaques I’ve found. They variously attest to its location, earlier importance, history (including the loyalty of its Moores during an uprising after the Catholics regained the area), how people used to spend their time: yup, bucolic splendour, a once-perfect life. Hmmm. Maybe if you ignore civil unrest, hunger, dirt,  etc. 😙😙😙

Amazing tiles on many houses.

Steep streets, as you’d expect, in many places.

And, as we are in Andalusia, the ubiquitous bull ring adjacent to the centre.

And loading this photo took 4 attempts. 

Big discovery yesterday was the value of listening to audio books when walking. Coming back along the same river was not an exciting proposition so I tried an audio book and airpods. Wow!  Reckon I made it so much more easily, forgot the horrible toes that are scrunching up and damaging each other. Was an interesting experiment as I’ve very rarely listened to anything while walking here. Partly it’s because it’s only on this trip that I’ve rewalked tracks on the same day. Great technique!

Want more veg today – the broccoli I bought the other day from the only veg shop didn’t look good. No choice. And it wasn’t good. Didn’t know broccoli got mildew and rotted like that. And yes, today is Sunday. Sunday + Spain = shops closed! 

Palm Sunday at that. 


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