Bambú, Iznate, wildlife and Malaga airport 


Astounding. I was at the Bambú Vivienda a week and a day and it passed soooo quickly. One day out with serious jet lag and action nonetheless. And lots of walking most other days. Easy walking but enjoyable. 

Flying out to Madrid, thence to Avila tomorrow for my second Easter there (Semana Santa). 

During the week at Bambú I walked quite a few km, saw a fair bit of the local rivers, and towns, and realised how lousy my Spanish is. One of my kindly (and lovely) neighbours told me it’s ok for communicating. Actually it’s functional in limited bounds. 😏 I’m hoping to catch up with B and M again, back in Madrid. 

Would I stay at Bambú again? Yes. And yes, I’d pick a superior room again with its separate kitchen. Was well setup. The knives were even ok, a wonder given those in most airbnb places. 

What made it, besides the walking and good wifi, was Catherine and my neighbours. Catherine picked me up, was informative, rapidly answered the texts I sent and helped me considerably by stopping at a supermarket on our way from the Malaga airport to Bambú. And the neighbours? Enough said. Just great. 

Benamocarra market

Let’s just say: don’t bother. One of the least prepossessing I’ve seen. Anywhere. Even some of the veg at the only food store there were a little past it. 

One last village: Iznate.

Iznate is your classic white village on the sides of adjacent steep hills.  Beautiful. And no, each village is very distinct when you are there. Mostly just beautiful. And clean. 

Hills and hills of tropical trees (subtext:  water hungry)!  Mostly young. 

Two men and a dog stood chatting.  Actually the dog scratched and watched and the men gossiped!

Amazing tiles around the place. (And some photos are crooked: no, not for arty reasons but they are a photographer’s failings. If I edit them the files grow and wifi in my Avila hotel is woeful). Just saying 🤡

Just so you realise it’s not just Spanish who live here, the sign on one significant shop was in english. And it of course said:  did you guess? Yes, Real Estate! 

Three interesting looking smaller dogs actually insisted I left Iznate. Glad I am not scared of dogs as they seemed fierce! Well, they backed off quickly when I turned towards them. All three then stood up over me as I left town. One was repositioning itself to keep the action going. No doubt shouting out that they’d won. 

And, I found the goats. Hmmm, or one found me.

Malaga airport

The numbers passing through security in Malaga Airport on an ordinary Wednesday morning had to be seen to be believed. I wouldn’t like to be there at a busy time! Instructions are all in Spanish, English and German. Guess it describes the tourists and residents along this section of Spain pretty well.

And, finally, security with a rational approach to testing for explosives. Random buzzer sounds and you are checked. So, for once, I won the prize. Not as protracted as in many places as it’s just your hands and front. And a much better method of selection and of operating. 

Didn’t leave me grumpy as in some airports. The worst are the Australian ones with their inefficient and silly method of selection: empty operator takes next customer. Delay your transit you can consistently avoid selection. Works! Too well for it to make the process seem half way useful!  


Coming up. 


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