Nesting Stork & Avila Parade


I’ve seen my first stork for the year! A very busy one, head down, cleaning up the nest. In the 10′ she spent fossicking I saw no signs of human babies ready to deliver. Perhaps she just reorganised her own eggs or rearranged prickly bits of the nest as she soon sat back gently as though on a clutch of eggs. 

Thursday Evening Parade 

The Thursday evening parade from the Avila Cathedral was spectacular. It started in daylight, at 20:30, and was organised by the Illustre Patronato de la Vera Cruz.  They wear a mauve tunic and cingula and have a granite coloured cape. 

The cross was the first of 4 large items or carts carried or pushed/pulled in this parade.

The last supper cart, the next, was pretty detailed.

So was the scourging of Christ.

Christ carrying the cross:

And Christ on the cross:

And there was more: 

Little members sometimes need mum/dad to retie their shoes. I loved the personal touch in this solemn procession. 

Light was slowly reducing as this band finally started out from its penned area besides the cathedral. 

Representatives of other cofradias always come later in a parade. 

And some agents of the state, such as police and army, are usually included. I have always loved the hats these police wear. 


By the time thus parade returned to the cathedral it was dark. Not easy for participants using a funeral march, in. Some cases, given the distance traversed over cobblestones streets. Irrespective it tended to be a bit stop/start. But always with the continual pounding of drums from one of the bands interspersed in the parade. 

At 05:00 the next day a less formal transit of Christ on the cross started somewhere nearby. It was then brought back into the cathedral through the huge, open, doors as light slowly dawned. 

But wait! There will be more:  some different colours and also views from about old and new Avila. 

I have just arrived in Madrid. To comparatively excellent internet after my abysmal experience with it in Avila. Did I mention I am happy šŸ˜Š!  


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