Madrid and Toledo

Madrid is a great place. For friends who’ve lived there forever it’s like a small village. 

Friends live here, work there, others work just over there or here and you know where to get the best coffee or bread. 

And to see the most apt graffiti, such as the grimy store:

And there’s always my favourite in Madrid, Lucy, a million years or so old. She is in the National Archeological Museum.

 The exhibits regularly change and it never disappoints. Up the street from it is the frog 🐸 – why a large street frog? Who knows. 


J and I caught the train to Toledo. 

Climbed up the tall Jesuit church overlooking the city. Trust me, it’s so much better when there’s no rain and it’s not blowing a gale, as when JP and I were last there.

The cathedral is pretty impressive, inside and outside. 

Not actually my cup of tea, that particular cathedral as it feels quite sterile to me. Still, it’s impossible not to be impressed by many of the carvings and paintings. 

And there’s always La Pepa, my favourite cafe there, 

the narrow streets, 

the stairs

and the tourists being photographed for their  wedding and in many other cliched locations.

Toledo is a great place and our 6 hours there wasn’t enough. Not even our many coffees were enough to get us seeing the whole city.

Would I go back again? Yes! And Jodie, will she? Yes! 


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