Lisbon day 1.

Jodie and I flew from Madrid to Lisbon today. Short flight, about 1 hour.  The subway was easy to use, well, once we got help with buying single use tickets. 

The hotel! Wow! Evolution Hotel is one of the most modern hotels I’ve stayed in. And you see the large, glass walled sauna overlooking the major road below. 

And the wifi is the best I’ve experienced anywhere in the world: ping of 3msec, download speed of 54Mb/sec, commensurate upload speed. Oh wow…. What more could I want?

After lunch at a nearby, and very nice, restaurant we walked down towards the waterside area. We are joining others tomorrow and will be starting our trip with a walking tour around similar areas. So this is a cursory view of what we’ve seen and commentary-light.

And then there are sardines. Yes. A shop totally full of artfully decorated, and arranged, cans of sardines. 

Lots of people near 5pm on a Friday afternoon.

A tram:

And then, looking towards a wharf area.

What would you want for dinner once you find fresh strawberries, raspberries and Portuguese tarts? Pretty obvious. 

My initial view of Lisbon is very confused.  Some interesting buildings, that don’t look especially old. Some wide avenues between the business and tourist precincts and that have grass, plants, and scuptures or water.  Hopefully after tomorrow’s tour I’ll have a better view of what Lisbon is really like. 



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