Lisbon, Sesimbra, flowers & footprints

Visited St Geronimo’s cathedral, or something like that. The explorer Vasco da Gama is buried there. 

The righteous pride the Portuguese have in their early seafarers is very apparent. I’m sure everyone knows the steady way they gradually explored down to and past the Cape of Good Hope on their way to the treasures provided by the purveyors of various spices etc.

And a replica of an older, important, memorial. Astoundingly unprepossessing! Yes, yes, lots of very obvious symbolic bits. Still…..

Our local guide was lovely but softly spoken and so it was again not clear where we were going, why, the significance of the various sites etc. 

Like the tower: no idea what it’s called but we were told the first explorers were farewelled from a tower along the river waterfront. A partially bricked tower along the way did not look old enough or significant enough.


It wasn’t. Took a while to find out that no, the building further on was the relevant one.

Quite irritating and that was a feature of this trip: limited information delivered softly to one or two people, not the group. I was not impressed and, although the company rep was a also great person, very droll, it was her first time here so she was not able to fill in the gaps and didn’t assist sufficiently. Ok when we are walking but not when we are visiting anything. 

So different from our wonderful Wild Women guide in Peru, Disnada. She knew her stuff, how to inform a group and how to anticipate needs for information and things. Sigh. 

Picnic at lighthouse near old convent 

It’s along from the town of Sesimbra, somewhere. 

Good walk from the old convent car park (amazing parade ground in front of its beautiful old church)

after lunch, along one side of a promontory and back via an old fort on the other side of it. Significance and date of the fort? Who knows! 

Long before then we saw more dinosaur tracks along time altered cliffs.

Spring is here with a very impressive range of colourful wildflowers along the way. Also, wild rosemary and lavender bushes alongside, or hanging into, the track. The smell hmmmm. 

Very impressive lighthouse at the end.

This was one of the very few places we were trusted to walk by ourselves. J and I set a fine pace, very enjoyable. Very.

Back to our new hotel. Those of us with single rooms were very happily ensconced in handicapped rooms.  
The red flashing alarm above my door? Yes, yes, it was me! I pulled the cord in the shower and no, it was not a fan. It was the emergency thingie. But i couldn’t fall in the shower as the cord was too high and no one came to my rescue after that pull anyhow! My faith in the system has gone. Ha ha.


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