Athens, Aegean Sea and Spain

And I’m heading off again. A few days in Athens, a week sailing around a tiny bit of the Aegean Sea and then, Spain and a continuation of the Camino Mozarabe.

Hard to imagine a return to Athens. I was last there over 40 years ago after an, at times, rugged trip through Asia on buses, trains and hitchhiking, then buses and cars across snow covered Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey and more hitchhiking south from Thessaloniki to Athens.

Surely the firetrap I stayed in at the base of the Plaka during my months in Athens, Funny Trumpets, must be gone. But, it’s Athens! Even way back then then Athens (Greece) was obviously living on ‘its glorious past’. Little seemed to have been done since Pericles and the golden era of Athens. Thousands of years previously. Hmmm.

But the cakes! I remember them very well.  I’d been so sick and lost enough weight that I had to eat. Cakes, only surpassed in Church Street Melbourne. 

Won’t miss drachmas or those dreadful travellers cheques from way back then. Euros and credit cards are improvements.
So, going to Athens is exciting. Seeing if it’s different, how it feels now, as a time-worn traveller. I’m so looking forward to walking around all the places I visited last time. No time to revisit other parts of Greece such as beautiful Vallarta, the wonderful archeological museum north in Thessaloniki, nor Delphi. Just Athens and various of the many islands I didn’t go to last time. Now, on a yacht. See why I’m excited? (No, not just because the new iphone announcement is imminent. Dammit, I’ll be in a lounge with very slow wifi in Dubai at about that time.)

After that, over to Madrid and then Granada. From there I’m planning to walk most bits across to Merida, where the Camino Mozarabe joins my first Camino, the Via de la Plata. After that? Don’t know. Obvious options are to continue north along the VdlP towards Santiago again or, to go to the UK to check out some of its coastal walks. Or to go to some of the many bits of Spain I’ve not been before. Or France.  Really not sure at this stage but I know the future options will become clearer while trudging through a few hundred more km of dusty olive groves!

This next section of the Camino Mozarabe has more castles, as well as the olives, as befits such an important old route between bits of spain. I visited one last year, more to go. 

Depending on the usability in Greece of my Spanish SIM card, wifi on the boat etc, there may be a few blog gaps over the next couple of weeks. Or not. For now, focussed on the new iPhone announcement and getting going.

Oh, and the nuts and coffee in the qantas lounge. I’ll head off to the lounge for my real airline soon. Just that qantas is a nice start. Food is better in the other one. 

Hopefully I won’t be limping my way between lounges. I changed my footwear choice 30km before heading off! Stupid, stupid, stupid. I was planning on wearing Keens boots but didn’t want to take runners too. Changing to Keens shoes was an obvious option I should have thought of before. Both models of Keens shoes I have are new.  Which to take? Bryson or Targhee 11? Fingers crossed as this last minute change was the action of an ill informed novice.  Even worse, I kept changing my mind in the last 10′ before I scurried off to get a lift to the station. Now, I’m at the airport wearing the Keens Targhees, harder but better wearing. Comfort? Ok so far. Not helped of course by foot surgery a bit less than 2 months ago. Almost all footwear will eat at least one of my toes. Thank heavens for my large roll of elastoplast. 😎

For now, enough! Other lounge, here I come..,,


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