Transiting still

Watching the cameras on the emirates A380 as we took off was great. Lumbering at first, then gradually running faster and faster and up, up and away… Over the night lights of Sydney, better from the side window than the camera at this stage. Still climbing. 
Hours later

Only an hour or so to Dubai and I’m watching TV on the plane, 36,000+ feet in the sky. I’m flicking between CNN, CBC and Euronews. Trying to find out about the new iPhone and watch. 

Unsurprisingly, TV is locally focussed, on the awful human disasters in Myanmar and in the USA and on political problems in France and Spain. I flick through the channels focussed on men playing sports quickly 🙈. 

Oh no! Guess what item was starting as the announcements about chairs upright & computers away came on. So, I missed a detailed analysis of the new iPhones. Sigh. Expecting an email from JP who is following the new watch very very closely. 

Leaving via gates in the B terminal. Heart sank as I was looking forward to breakfast and thought the good lounge was in A. Surprise surprise. The nice lounge, with the water feature is near my gate, in B. What luck. 

Soon, Athens. 


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