Quick overview: Athens then and now

Athens airport seems a little small and rundown. But, it was very efficient.
The last time I was there was in 1974, happily farewelling Neil P who was heading off to with a NZ woman we’d met on Crete or Santorini. A very good outcome from my perspective as it was clear by then that we had little in common, except our previous (forgettable) time together in Tasmania! 


Easy getting a taxi at Athens airport today. Fixed cost to the city centre, the tourist mecca. And it was wonderful coming in. Unbelievably, I recognised streets and hills that I’d not seen for over 40 years. The numbers of trees, the extensive foliage in the city surprised me. Perhaps because I was there through late winter, into spring and it’s now late summer/early autumn. Also, the inner area streets are much narrower than I’d remembered. And many, more beautiful. 

Can’t quite figure which street Funny Trumpets was in but it was very near the Athens Status Hotel I’m in this time, in Petrakis Street. I loved this area. Walked it extensively over my time here previously. After one trip to Crete and Santorini i had to stay somewhere else when I returned, the nearby YMCA, with its cheap meals. Not the same as the 11 bunk bed room I was used to in Funny Trumpets. That was where the Canadian oil rig worker sleeping on the bottom bed on my bunk used to go out nightly, get very drunk, and occasionally vomit in his bunk. Charming! And while it was memorable it was still better than my first night on a bunk in a semiprivate room in Funny Trumpets. On the other wall of the small room was a double bed with a very active couple in it. One long night of involuntary voyeurism was too much. After that the big bunk room was much better, irrespective of what my lower bunk occupant did. 

Back to present day Athens. My room is so much better with its shared balcony and private bathroom. And it’s big. 

The same things still seem to be on sale as 40+ years ago, outdoor eating, clothes (not strange eyed kids as might appear) and genuine relics (?).

And I am so looking forward to Thursday’s explorations! The day started with breakfast and the Acropolis. Many more views of that area to come. But, first, some early street walking on another warm day in central Athens. 🤗


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