Another day in Athens

Everything stays the same and it doesn’t. One of my favourite sites in Athens is now fenced off, behind one of the long line of paying would-be visitors. Even with my nose between the bars I couldn’t see but, i think I heard earlier it’s being ‘renovated’. The wonderful little Dionysius theatre Neil and I visited on the downhill side of the acropolis. We were alone so he checked the acoustics by performing down in the stage area. Now, fenced off, being fixed, who needs to see it like that. Better to retain a good image, perhaps idealised, of what it was like.

Similarly with going back to the Acropolis. The crowd size, even by 9ish, was not pleasant. A small part of it is visible in my very bad photo of one access area. 

All around are the remnants of past civilisations, classical geeece, Román and even a little evidence of the long time the Turk’s ruled here. Imagine the archeologists’ pleasure every time a hole is dug. And the finds when they put in the underground stations. Wow! 

Meanwhile, the two soldiers in syntagma square continue with their strange ritualised and stylised performance. Sometimes looks like ritualised fighting, and sometimes just a silly anachronistic dance that must have once had meaning. Why keep it going otherwise? Tourist trade alone doesn’t seem enough. I did think they wore white skirts, maybe they have a seasonal uniform. White skirts look smarter than brown on soldiers. 😏

A very significant outing for me here last time was with Klaus, to a concert, a Turkish violinist playing Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D. I already knew the music, her playing was exquisite and I had such a great night. Maybe it was my first orchestral concert ever. Whatever it was so memorable. 

Yes, here for just a bit over a day and I’ve already bought a new hat. Might even replace my solar hat. Time will tell if it’s sufficiently durable. The label says it’s made of paper so, no doubt recyclable, whether you love or it or not. And I love it. 

Met 2 of my new companions for dinner. Another 2 tomorrow. Of the first two, one is very pleasant and easy going. The other is hard for me to hear and has, I think, a very different view of the world. She disagreed with almost everything I said, except for one thing: we 3 all agreed dinner tonight wasn’t good. Ugh! Very average, with an undeserved positive rating on the web. 

For once, I found conversation lagged at dinner time. Not a problem I usually have but people need to participate, to develop and extend topics and to avoid culturally excluding topics. I neither know nor care to know which party governs which states in Canada. Boring! Unless you live there or it is an internationally noteworthy person. And being with anyone who has to have done more, seen more, been more is yawn, yawn. Yup, rather than go with them for a drink I gave a flimsy excuse and came back to my room. And went out for a walk, alone, a few minutes later.  

We will share a taxi from the hotel at 3 tomorrow to Piraeus, where we meet the others and the boat. Until then our paths probably won’t cross much as they’ll go to late breakfast, visit the acropolis and I’ll eat early, as usual, and go up the other hill again to St George’s on the top. 


And take the time to gird my loins to help ensure a good time is had by all. And I expect to have a good time! What’s not to like on a yacht sailing the Aegean for a week 😁.


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