Day 1 sailing: Athens to Epidavros

Athens to Epidavros
Wow! Under motor mostly, some sail. I remembered how lazy I can be and didn’t pull one line. 

Misty leaving Athens, unfortunately, as we could guess where the St George hill and the acropolis both were but not really see them. 

Five passengers, a USA captain (female) whose worked seasons for 16 years in Greece, and a cook from Thessaloniki, a real Greek.

I’m guessing you are dying to know how the group is, especially after the earlier comments. Well, the southern belle with the beesting lips and long blonde hair is, different. Very anxious, mixing pills and vodka, constantly chatting on phone with stateside husband, she is a very kind and generous person. 

The ex-army engineer is very pleasant, easy to be with, works very hard, has a life entangled with those of her adult kids and must have had a solid hangover today. The one I said yesterday is pleasant still is today despite, I suspect, also having a very serious headache. Maybe not but I’d be surprised. The fourth has travelled a lot, when younger and later for work, has been around a lot and is well educated. Nice, and complex. 

They are out at dinner. It being nearly 21:00 I’ve eaten, got a coffee and come back to the boat. I’m tired. 

Small ancient theatre

D and I walked up there and to the church on top of the overlooking hill. Engineers, as she is, have a very practical approach, and can provide interesting commentary and be interested. The ruins and church were, let’s say, not exciting. Back to boat for a swim. The water is warm and very pleasant. 

Large ancient theatre

The theatre of epidavros is really worth seeing. Huge and even now with impressive acoustics. I liked that. 

We caught a taxi there and had 1 hour to look around. Yup, we managed the theatre and the other ruins in that time. Met the taxi again and came back to the boat. At this stage the southern belle realised she didn’t have her wallet with her. Ended up with very nice taxi driver, other driver, ticket seller and the local police working together to return it to her. And she was very grateful!

Nice quiet night, for me at least. Didn’t describe the 5th passenger to you, the one in the photo above:  quiet, serious, boring, doesn’t drink or eat deserts, goes to bed by 21:30. Oh, and ‘speaks funny’. All in all doesn’t add a lot to it all. 


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