Day 2 sailing: Epidavros to Poros

Day 2 Our itinerary is changed, again. Forty boats, 2 flotillas, are expected are the place we were heading to on Thursday so, we have rescheduled Poros to today, Monday.

The sunrise was spectacular.

A walk along the waterfront interesting: from the 3 Brits testing their fitness, a pussy looking for food and others avoiding dogs, to boats and the bay.

Our first stop was beside an underwater town. Three thousand or so years old,  close to shore and only 1.5 plus metres deep. Undersea you can see some remaining walls, huge broken amphorae, and some wells. 

It’s really special and not yet in guide books as little is known about it and indeed, found only relatively recently.  In fact, this place is in the bay featured on the last entry in this blog, near Epidavros. Why was this submerged? Forgotten? Presumably a consequence of earthquake activity sometime.  S picked up a few sea urchins: one was sacrificed before crowd pressure won out and the rest went back home, into the depths. 

The water was warm, maybe about 24C, and so clear you could see a few metres depth. The Canadians stayed in forever, not finding it eventually got cold, like some of the rest of us. 


We stopped for lunch in a bay with beautiful aqua water. The plan was lunch + swim. Four, or was it five, other boats made it a little crowded. 

Touristing via a boat is getting busier and more competitive every year apparently. After the mini armada we saw heading our way this afternoon I can believe it. 

Thought we might do WW3 with the German boat as she cut across as beam as we were backing into a berth. Our captain had to alert them. Even as we left athens another boat tried to cut across us. We had right of way and the bit of testosterone behind the wheel seemed intent on winning, despite being in the wrong. Our captain, Valerie, was very effective.  Both times 👍

Did I tell you that 3 of the 7 of us are called Val? Unbelievable! So we now have Cookie, Valerie and Val. A little less confusing. 


Coming in to get a berth in Poros, first mate on lookout. 

Beautiful town. I’m not going to describe it. Beautiful covers it.


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