Days 4 and 5: Hydra to Hermione to Methana


Was lovely.  

And, so often in Greece the cats know when and where to be. No one hassles them. They are pretty confident.

The best one was the one leaning over the edge of the walk, fishing. It was unsuccessful but some aren’t, apparently, at times. 

Hydra to Ermoine

 Leaving harbour was easier than entering. Again our anchor was entangled with another but, separated quite easily. 

Honestly, there was no space between boats, each rubbed fenders on the others’ fenders. Anchors are dropped so far out some inevitably cross over. 

Stopped on the way for lunch and a swim. A few fish beneath us, small and sparse. 

Next, the not very impressive Ermione. Before Hydra it may not have seemed that way but afterwards, it definitely did! 

Multiple boats again. One that came in later than us had to berth directly behind us. Tied twice to a boat beside us and once to the catamaran beside it, then we were tied to the boats on either side of us to stabilise the chain of boats.  

Times like that you need an experienced captain! When the inter island ferry came in the boats all moved together as in a washing machine. I quite liked it! Plus, it was windy when we went to bed, a change from the near millpond conditions we’ve had most nights out here. 


I’ve given up shore dinners. Crappy food in too many places, I prefer to cut up a tomato and feta and follow it with fruit. Nectarines are great at present and feta in Greece is better than what we can buy at home.

Breakfast and lunch are provided on the boat. Breakfast: Greek yoghurt followed by eggs on local bread. There are other options. Lunch is salad and something else. Great salads here. 

Early morning coffee in Ermione

Ermione is not a good place for coffee before 07:30! One cafe near the boats, very old Greek guy and an english language menu. But, no english menu for coffee, old guy spoke no english and my few words of Greek were the wrong ones for a flat white or a latte. Another guy came in and turned out he spoke english, something else and no Greek. I ended up with an expresso with ideal milk. Tasted fine. 

Couldn’t understand the wifi password. An old guy wrote 1-9 in english script and that seemed fine until he followed it with a 7. After 5 iterations and variations I gave up. Back to another place where the upload speed is <0.02mb/sec. useless! Unlike the wonderful Pirate Bar in Hydra, run by Wendy, an ex Brit who married a Greek many years ago. Yes, Hydra is still my favourite! 

However, the sunrise was pretty special in Hermione.

So were aspects of the coast. 

Travelling from Hermione to Methana was interesting. Volcanic nature of our surrounds was very evident.

Group dynamics

Ok! It was me and I was rude. I snapped at L this morning. She can be very patronising and I couldn’t hear what was being said over the bloody music playing on the boat. 

Told her I wouldn’t have asked if I knew what was being said. She was clearly surprised and immediate became placatory. 

At this stage I have no plans to follow up with anyone in the group. 

Three of us are staying in the same hotel afterwards and I will ensure our paths will cross minimally once we are in Athens. 😏 C and L, the Canadians, each have a few days there. They are fine. 

In fact, I’ve promised C I’ll walk up the hill, St. George’s, with her. I quite like her. She is just fun and straightforward. Thank heavens it’s her and L, not the lush (S) or preachy teacher (D).

Our resident lush changes her plans like her clothes, often, and so may or may not be leaving Athens today or tomorrow. Whatever, our hotel is FULL.  And the very good news, the preachy teacher is flying stateside immediately after we dock. 👍👍👍

In all the time I’ve written a blog I’ve never viewed my group mates so unkindly or commented in the detail I’ve done with this one. Why? I’ve not felt the need to before and have always intended to share my blog with anyone who wanted to know about it. This group? No way. 

I just do not have much in common with this group and 2 are, frankly, very odd: the lush-come-new-money-come would-be southern belle come person-who-waited-until-she-was 50 to get married again, this time to a much older rich guy; and the preachy teacher who, at every utterance near her has to add ‘me’ or ‘my’ and follow on with an extended, detailed and almost always boring anecdote about herself. Funny thing is, if she wasn’t 100% egocentric (all about me, my experiences, my needs) she could be interesting. But she isn’t! Why doesn’t she notice no one else provides such excruciating detail and work out there are not enough hours in a day if we all did! 

What do I want? To tear my bloody hair out, leave these people behind and to get off the boat……..

In my glass house I am at risk when I throw stones. I know but the lack of basic social skills of some make them, frankfully, very tedious!

For the record:  i love being on the boat. And, I’m sorry we’ll only be sleeping on board one more night. I like boats. 


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