Athens and Madrid

Wrapping up Athens 

Great hotel, the Emporikon. Well located and very idiosyncratic decor. I had a double shower, huge bed, and colourful overstuffed armchairs. 

The Parthenon looked spectacular at night. Yes, I could lie in bed and look at it like thousands of others over the millenia. 

Prior to leaving on Saturday, I had my last coffee in Athens outside our hotel, hoping to catch up with one or both Canadians, C and L. Happily I found L as I wanted to say goodby to her, probably the one with whom I had most in common. She gave me, and only me, her card so I guess it was mutual. And that I should get cards for travelling!

Some of the best group members I’ve found are the Canadians. Truly. This time was the same. Even without any maple leaf flags!


I was wrong about Athens airport. It’s not the one used 40 years ago. Irrespective, nothing exciting except, my last Greek salad for a while. Truly, give me a Greek or Tuscan salad any day. Both are wonderful, even in an airport. 
Sunday and Madrid


Good to be in Madrid again. Recharged my phone at an orange shop near Sol Plaza at 21:00 last night. The crowds were huge. Young ones milling around station entrances, locals and tourists alike just ambling through the streets and around the plaza. Warm evening, very pleasant out.

Meant to comment on my Skinners, ( They are a cross between a shoe and a sock and are phenomenal, easily rolled up, lightweight and objects on the ground don’t penetrate their soles. (Quokka-fucker wearers should look at Skinners.) My pair has done a few hundred km already on different terrains. They will probably be worn through before the end of my trip to spain. I’ll be buying more for sure.

Next, Granada, Monday. 


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