Granada to Pinos Puente

19.36km, down long slow slope of just 150m according to my main source of information. 

Left my Granada hotel, just behind the prominent statue of Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabel, at 07:20. Dark and many sections of the streets are unlit. Score:  me = 0; cars = 2 near misses! 

I knew I was heading the right way but, no arrows for ages. Then, some!

Found a very nice, and cheap, breakfast along the way. Otherwise, like most cities, walking out of Granada is depressing.  Industry. Old industry. 

Housing that gradually gets poorer and then, unfinished subdivisions.

Once out of the city gradually you walk into farming areas. Lots of lucerne, asparagus and some maize. 

Stopped in the first distinct town, about half way to the day’s stop of Pinos Puente. 

Saw two figures in the distance, caught up when they stopped at the entrance to Pinos Puente. Very nice Americans, a couple, their first camino. They didn’t know where the albergue is so we walked up together. 

The Pinos Puente albergue is a converted tractor shed, or similar. 

The bathroom is outside and along from the shed and its door has to be left open as there is no light. No hot water. No toilet paper. No wifi. But, €5 is a lot less than the €100+ I paid last night! 

The 3 of us are finishing a pleasant lunch, a km away from the tractor shed, chasing away multitudes of bush flies!  I had soup followed by salmon, veggies and chips. (My BBQ salmon beats this!). Then, coffees. Very nice coffee. 

The good news: literally just got an email from Benedo, one of my two guys from last year, and he arrives late tonight in Granada and will walk through to Moclin tomorrow. My destination too. 

And, unbelievably, it’s just started raining. Heavily.  Thankfully we are still at lunch/dinner and I’ve bought food for tonight. Let’s hope it stops soon as my wet gear is back in the shed but, it’s very dry here so guess that’s not a shared wish. 

Tomorrow: Moclin, a short distance but possibly a big hill at the end. I think the walk profile in my information source is reversed.  Still, hopefully, not too bad.

Hasta mañana. Which reminds me: having some Spanish makes sections like this heaps easier as, unsurprisingly,  not clear that anyone here speaks more than restaurant english.


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