Pinos Puente to Moclin

Moclin is a cute little town, high in a hill. The distance from Pinos Puente should be only 13.46km, or 16, but…..,

Starting with yesterday

A nice quiet afternoon back at the tractor shed. The rain stopped, I did my washing and listened to an audiobook.  Taking group selfies with an iPad mini is fraught when it is balanced precariously on a pillow on a chair. 😎

Spent most of the rest of the day talking to Babette and Mark while watching ants do amazing things with crumbs and bits of skin off sausages. 

And fed some of my cheese and salami to the poor dogs that live here. German shepherd cross dogs and the poor things appear to live pretty awful lives, tied on short chains and not given a lot of attention if today is a usual day. 

I didn’t like the Pinos Puente albergue. The outside bathroom, well away from the shed, was unappealing without a light and only cold water. But it was more than that. Hard to explain but I was pleased to leave this morning.

Breakfast in Pinos Puente

Most bars in spain at breakfast time are full of men, mainly old ones or labourers in their fluoros. Today was no exception. B and M were skipping through Moclin so I was the only woman there. 

The usual great breakfast but with a difference: they offered 3 pastes and tomato for the toast. First time I’ve had such options and, the fish paste was great. I dragged breakfast out as it should be a short day for me so I had time, having left at 07:15. 


Two distances: 16 or 13 km. I only figured why there is a difference when I was over a km along a route. The other one, the current one, is shorter but by the time I found it I missed a turn off that would have kept me off the road. Still, found the track eventually and followed Mark’s very large boots whenever I had doubts. His prints were generally clear in the dry dusty track. Still, as usual, I walked further than strictly needed.

Through olive groves, past an old house and two very persistent little dogs who did not take ‘go’, or ‘va’, as a command. 

Over the ravine and past the small dam both, happily for me, empty. A small section of a Roman road. 

Finally some watered olive and later, fruit, trees. 

And then the town of Olivares. Surprise surprise! B and M were having a coffee in the first bar. I hadn’t expected to see them again until Córdoba as they are doing nearly 40km today. 

The last section was only about 4km but, one of the steepest climbs I’ve done in spain. Much steeper than the Ourense hill. Was fine, I enjoyed it. 

Visited an ermita near the top and marvelled at the bravery of two guys on mountain bikes heading down the hill. Easy to locate them with their brakes permanently squealing. 

A 16th century fortification on top of the hill was visible at times. Pretty decrepit. 


Yes, it is an apartment. A room with a kitchen, double bed, bunks and a sofa bed. Costs €40 for 2, €25 for one. 


One of the worst I’ve had in spain. The mixed salad was the usual: iceberg lettuce (ugh), tomato, egg and tuna. No onion. The fried fish main was horrible. 

My 3 new found friends begged piteously and, let’s say, 3 of us were very happy with the result. 

I was the only one not but, c’est la vie. I have a nice room and am hoping to see Benedo today. 

And, B and M were there when I arrived. Oh, and left without paying their bill. They forgot..,., coffee for me in Córdoba they offered 😸


I wonder how having Benedo might change my options: I’ve cancelled 1 night of my booking in Córdoba. 

He hasn’t responded to any emails today or to WhatsApp so I have no idea if he is ok, where he is, how he’s going etc. Until he appears, or doesn’t, I can’t say more.

Washing done. Updating blog and hard boiling some eggs for tomorrow. 


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