Córdoba to Cerro Muriano

About 20 km. 

A very easy morning as i had left by 07:00, stopped for toast and coffee and arrived in Cerro Mariano by 11:00. 

The boys were a couple of km behind. Breakfast with anisette takes longer! Plus, they were staying in a different part of town. 

Leaving in the dark with the moon just past being full, and relatively short town outskirts meant a really good start. 

A Roman bridge, tracks alongside and through rural areas continued the great start to this next section.  Many arrows, once out of the city, a couple of hermitas, a few cyclists and a strange, large monument that should have had water. Might look very impressive then with its large central arch. 

Then, I was passed by another walker. My new best friend was born in Córdoba, has always lived just near the Mesquite, and expects to die there. Speaks no english, seemed to enjoy walking with someone as not long after I had a 5’ break. I soon caught him again. He was obviously waiting for me. 

He is retired and walked from Córdoba to Santiago a couple of years ago but, in july! Pretty amazing with temperatures over 40C. He said he left at 03:00. Very impressive that he could do it at all in july. 

And he showed me a small statue of Christ he’d placed in a hollow tree. Yes. Hmm. No, I don’t know why either but it was clearly important to him to show me. 

Enjoying walking

I’ve sometimes wondered why I put myself through the hassles of caminos with (sometimes) snoring companions and crappy food and being away from home then, I remember. Like the other day when I found myself walking along with a silly look on my face as dawn arrived. I enjoy being outside, walking and the freedom of the lifestyle. I also like it that I can do it.


The boys finally arrived, 30 – 60’ after me. We then spent the next 3 hours in the bar on the outskirts: many beer or, cokes or coffee. And lunch, a salad and fried eggplant for me. 50,000 calories I’m guessing. 

Really good seeing Manolo after a year. His first question was if I was ok as I’d lost weight. Observant! 


We have a place for 3. Really a house with 3 bedrooms so we each scored one. I happened to get the room with the double. Luck. My guess is they’ll go to the bar again soon. Me, no. I’ll read. 

As we walked to our place a man accosted me. I didn’t recognise him at first. He works in the hotel I like in Córdoba! A nice guy and I now know he lives here, in Cerro Muriano.


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