Cerro Muriano to Vallaharta

Another 20km today so, about 200km so far.

Dinner was a very nice peach, a can of corn and some yoghurt. The town is small with ‘our’ house on the main road, opposite a supermarket, general store and X bar/restaurante/hostal. The name of the bar apparently came from it being marked as ‘X’ on a map. So they called it the X bar. The road was busy and kids hung around outside the shops until late. 

Left early today, Saturday 7th October. Only ~20km but early is better as it’s cooler.

The moon is still visible in the early morning. With the yellow light of early sunrise, the moon and the bellota (oak) trees it’s pretty special. 

Once again the vegetation has changed totally. No olives now. The oak trees, so beloved of the jamon eaters (yes, the acorns are a favourite of the pigs), are all over the place here. 

Even saw some sheep. And a very different type of pine plantation, softer green pines, not so tall. Not sure what they use them for as they were clearly plantations with rows.

And then a bonus! The small town of El Vacar has a bar. And, it was open! So our half way mark was well spent as we’d left too early for breakfast.

El Vacar has an old castle so I got my daily wish for a coffee and a castle. 

Soon after I passed a small roadside shrine, so old no name is still visible. Just faded plastic flowers and a sort of stone well. Sad. 

Other peregrina 

We saw another walker yesterday coming into Cerro Muriano but didn’t meet her. Today she was ahead of us as we left, slightly slower than us, so we caught her. Victoria is spanish, from Malaga, and is nice. She speaks some english! What a bonus for me.  

Having the boys together means I find B almost impossible to understand. He speaks more quickly and drops the ending of most words. I suspect V’s and my levels of the other’s languages are similar. I and so sorry my lovely American couple are 2 days ahead. 

All 4 of us are in a hostal, the boys in 1 room and V and I in the other. Phew, another snorer free night coming up. Hot outside and inside. 

The supermarket opens at 18:00ish so I’m heading there soon. 


38 km! Aggghhh. The distance! And the heat! 


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