Alcaracejos to Hinojosa Del Duque

The countryside is still changing. More animals now, sheep and cows and a few goats, grain and a few of the oak trees loved by the jamon pigs. 

Didn’t see any pigs but they must be around.
The smartest sheep wear bells, making a lovely sound as you approach. And the cows all eat together. 

And some of the oak trees appear very old.

Today was an easy day as we had breakfast in Alcaracejos, our starting town, walked 9 or 10 km and had another drink plus tortilla, a nice, recently made one. Not heavily salted like those made for tourists in Córdoba, near the Mesquite.

Then only another 12 or 13 km and we’d covered 23 with little effort. Nice, tidy, towns today. Narrow old bending streets with white houses in the towns. 

I was impressed by the old farmhouse and by the horse drawn cultivator. 

In one town, a statue of an idealised pilgrim.

V had problems with her feet. Hardly surprising when her boot inserts have folds in their heel sections! If they were mine I’d pare them back but I’m loathe to suggest it in case it doesn’t work. 

And yes it was my idea and my knife that’s left her with 1 pair of shorts and 1 long pants now, instead of 2 of the latter. Worked well. 😁

Arrival in Hinojosa Del Duque

Forget about resting. The keys of the albergue come from the police. They’d disappeared by 13:30, when we arrived. Not due back until 15:00. Somehow M convinced someone to take their ID cards and my passport plus our peregrino passports for copying and stamping respectively. And he got the keys so after lunch we can move in. 

No museum today as it’s Monday and it will be shut. Pity. 


A heart attack in the making: Russian salad, potato chips and a fried roll of meat wrapped with cheese and jamon. 

If I have a heart attack, look no further although V, ever practical, said it was just 1 meal. And in case you are wondering it wasn’t something I want to eat ever again. 

I guess this is a regular local meal. The restaurant was recommended by a local. Hmmm, say no more. Before you ask, no, I’ve not seen a thin local. 

Night in Alcaracejos 

I’m bloody hopeless sometimes. If I tell you I got lost in the small town of Alcaracejos last night some of you will have no trouble believing it. The boys headed off to the bars. I was finishing my blog but intended to follow 10’ later. I did. I took a shortcut. Fatal! 

In the end I had to use my map to get out of the small town with all its streets circling around some mysterious centre where the 2 bars and the restaurant supposedly are. Crawled back to the albergue with my metaphorical tail between my legs. Shortcut = bad idea with my level of navigational skill. Going unescorted = bad idea too. 

The good news is my pack’ll be lighter now, minus a can of sardines, some dates and nuts. Me? I almost cried, realised then that I am tired and tried to do a Pollyanna that I wasn’t away for long. Humph. 

Other nocturnal event

B and M arrived back at the albergue and we discussed tomorrow, Monday. Transpired that V was planning to leave very early despite it only being a 23km day and the difficulties in navigating alone for hours in the dark. 

In the end we convinced her she was better sticking with us as a group makes it easier. And yes, she is a bit slower. More, I think, a lack of endurance with her limited experience at distance walking. I was very pleased as she is a good addition, a nice person. 


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