Monterrubio de la Serena to Castuera

Today was to be a near 40 km walk, for the boys at least. I suspect they are grateful they decided to stay with V and I to do just 18 or so km. After so many km on the road yesterday doing 18 straight off on another sealed road was hard on our feet. If followed by 20 more, even on a track, it’d be a very tough day. 

And yes, I have blisters on the other foot now. And V has very painful quadriceps bilaterally. (Why? Upper 1/3 or 1/2 of quads but why?) The boys? You wouldn’t know! They could be limping horribly but they would decry any suggestion of an infirmity. 😉 

No, wait. An update. Benedo has problems and at lunch was wearing an ankle support on his leg with the bad knee. And, he and Manolo are looking for ways to reduce distances to no more than about 20. I hadn’t realised that we do have options on the 40km day. So, good news as I have little interest in heroics when not essential. Forty km in the heat and with no stops representing heroics.

So, despite it being a short day more than a couple of us were pleased to arrive in Castuera.

Sunrise was the usual spectacular event. 

Amazing colours, especially when seen through the olives. Today, more olive groves again, this time with a very rich looking red soil. Another flock of sheep also, this with young lambs and no bells. 

The highlight was our stop for the eggs we hard boiled last night. So it gives you an idea of how today was a good day but without any really exciting highlights. Maybe the very old castle up on the hill to our north should rank but it soon became obvious it wasn’t much more than a ruin now and, we weren’t going to that town anyhow. Or the monolith beside the road. Sigh. Not a lot to recommend today except we got here! 

Last night B cooked dinner, spaghetti with a tomato sauce, and can do so again as our albergue in Casuera also has a functioning kitchen. 

Interesting: this is the third relatively new albergue we’ve encountered in the last few days. Says something about the growing popularity of the Camino Mozárabe. 

This albergue has power points in the right places. A relief. And my small bunk room downstairs was cool and I finally needed a sleeping bag. Hooray! No wifi, unlike the last night’s albergue which had working wifi. The night before had wifi too but the password wasn’t right and the power points scarce. 

Tomorrow is a 20km day. The map suggests only 2 are on the paved road. Phew. 


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