Castuera to Campanario

Our first port of call on leaving today was, of course,  a town bar in Castuera. The women’s toilet said it all, about the place of women in many bars, especially early in the morning. 

The light was impossible to find in its dark interior. Once you found that you quickly realised the door into the toilet, right next to the men’s, only closed with brute force. Yes, I did notice the whole toilet move as I forced the door shut and later, open. I decided not to be perturbed by the whole bowl lifting. 😏

Get the message? It’s not designed as a place for women. 😳.  

The bar looked to be full of more men than usual. Why? It’s a national holiday today, 12th October, and, from looking at their clothes, lots of those guys were going hunting later. After a quick start in the bar.  

The sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as I’ve become used to here despite the scattered high cloud. The countryside is pretty dry, undulating. Interesting trees, a small sanctuary for farm workers to protect them from the sun, a huge stone mason’s yard and pigs. I’d like to say I turned vegetarian immediately after seeing them. Hmm. 😐 

We stopped after 10-12km and ate. 

Breakfast in the bar hadn’t been good as the option was a small bit of plastic cake or nothing. No bread for toast. Big deal holiday for everyone but bars and restaurants. 

We arrived, found a bar. By the time V arrived the boys were on beer #4. We had consumed so many tapas: chips, various small sausages, croquettes, cooked bits of the fatty section of bacon flitches, and various other things. 

After she had a few non-alcoholic drinks V and I left them to it. Finding the albergue was a little complex and involved some traipsing over vineyards to get back to the right track. A little more signage would have gone a long way. A regular problem on the Camino for me. 

The albergue is an old train station. Blessedly it has two things I really wanted: a separate room for the boys (phew, given their afternoon) and a washing machine. 


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